Saturday, 3 December 2011

Superdrug Haul

There's a 3for2 on make up in Superdrug at the moment; I'm not sure if Superdrug is running this offers regularly as until recently I shopped exclusively in Boots.
Now, that Superdrug also has a points card, I don't really have a preference.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3

Matte lipglosses have been quite popular for few months now so I took the chance to give it a try myself. 
So far, I'm liking it: the colour is very pretty and soft on the lips (no sticky at all). Also, I like that the tube is tiny, probably 2/3 of a normal lipgloss.
I think I would like to try other shades too but Collection 2000 has only got 4 colours and I'm not too keen on the others - other brands that do matte lipglosses are Miners and W7... any recommendation? 

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Lip Glow

that's the colour, wiped out from the lips
Ok, I'm a sucker for these new stuff - I fell in love with the Clarins Crystal Smooth Balms, which came out in the summer, but somehow I couldn't justify buy one; the L'Oreal version is definitely a more affordable and reasonable dupe.
I don't like all the writing on the packaging - for the rest I'm quite happy I got it. The bullet is sooo pretty, I wanna eat it!!! :)
It gives the subtlest veil of pink to the lips but still noticeable and I like that it's very low maintenance. 

Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Glitter

teamed with No7 in Salsa 93

This is such a gorgeous shade of blue - I don't even care about the glitter too much but I love the colour. As I was mentioning in my previous post, I wanted the Zoya Twila but I think this is a good substitute. :)


  1. Fab haul! Especially loving the Barry M blue glitter polish x

  2. The barry M nail polish is gorgeous I got the same one in Red and it's just so festive! x

  3. LOVE that glittery nail varnish! x

  4. That nail colour is beautiful *adds to christmas list* xxxx

  5. Barry M glitter polishes seem to be so good, i am going to treat myself to the red one. So pretty! I am keen to try the creampuff - i am not keen on sticky lipglosses because when it's windy, my hair sticks to my lips and then my hair tangles up! What other matt lipglosses would you recommend? I am a cosmetic noob! x

  6. Cool stuff! I love shopping for makeup at drugstores. In fact, I've only ever used makeup from drug stores.

    Great blog!

    Mabel Time

  7. great haul! I love superdrug as much as boots these days! The fairy cake colour looks gorgeous and the L'Oreal lip glow is so coloured on your skin! x

  8. The Barry M glitter looks so pretty! x

  9. I'm so going to have to get that Barry M nail paint it's gorgeous! xx

  10. barry's nail polish color is breath takin

  11. Bello bello bello lo smalto! e il nail look si adatta bene alle tue scarpe da Wonder Woman :)

  12. Vero! PeccaTo che non sono proprio invernali, come scarpe. ;)

  13. This lipstick looks really nice :) Hmm... I think I'll visit Boots tomorrow...


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