Friday, 2 December 2011

PAUL & JOE Manhattan Beauty Collection

Hello girls - I couldn't wait to share this collection with you!!!
Paul & Joe Autumn 2011 Collection pays homage to New York City.

The packaging is gorgeous and quirky as always - these are the perfect items if you like to collect make up. They will look glorious on any dressing table!
Plus, they are also eco-friendly because made from cardboard and one of the particularity with Paul & Joe lipsticks is that you can take the bullet out of the case and swap with another packaging if you wish.
That's what I like from this brand: attention to details, like the 'engraving' on the lipstick; I feel nearly guilty using this stuff. ;)

Every piece is named after a different part of the city - the colours mix neutral with darker shades.
I tried to swatch them separately but  it was a bit tricky because of the 'criss-cross pattern' - in any case I think the colours works better together. If you want to use them individually I would recommend a sponge applicator.
The shadows are very creamy (at a first look, I though they would have been ashy) and easily blendable.
The lipsticks are buttery and glide on very well; they are quite sheer but buildable.

Brooklyn Bridge #075

Lower East Side #074

Empire State #074

Uptown Girl #073

42nd Street  #073

So are you going to pick up any - which one is your favourite?

Hope you like! :)

*pr samples*


  1. Each piece is truly beautiful, can I ask where you bought these from? x

  2. When I first saw the cross-hatched pieces I was like 'meh', but swatched they are gorgeous, and would create lovely eyes, especially Empire State.
    Fab find again Alex!

  3. Empire State & Uptown girl my favorite!
    their packaging are so lovely

  4. @adrienne I got these sent to try but you can buy them from ASOS (I've seen a couple on sale as well).

    @max I'm very impressed with the quality. They never crease on me.

    @nicole mine is 42nd street, I tend to prefer purple colours :)

  5. Empire State on Asos for 12 euros!It's a good price, isn't it? I probably gonna take it!

  6. love this collection, the colours are so pretty

    i am needing the red lippie in my life... love it xx

  7. I don't know why but I've never been drawned to Paul & Joe for some reasons but their packaging is always so cute!

  8. the packaging is seriously pretty! :) x

  9. Hey Alex,
    I've mentioned Paul & Joe in my recent ASOS post, and linked back to your swatches here, is this okay?
    Post is here:

  10. ma che meraviglia!! bellissimi i prodotti e anche le confezioni!!! troppo belleeeeeeeeee.. ma perchè in italia non ci sono!!!! ^____ ^


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