Monday, 29 August 2011

Introducing / Becca

BECCA Cosmetics is an australian company founded by make up artist Rebecca Morrice Williams; the BECCA look revolves around the Skin Perfecting Make-Up System which aim to achieve a flawless and natural complexion. Their philosophy is  "It's all about skin looking amazing and everything else is secondary" which I totally agree with; a youthful, dewy, luminous skin is everybody's dream, right?

 Now, I do like to use a bit of colour on my eyes and play with different product but with my wedding approaching, I have mainly investigating different brands to try and find the perfect products for the perfect base.
 I totally totally ADORE every product I've tried and I could not rave enough (and that's why I've decided to make a dedicated post) - in absolute, it's the brand I'm mostly excited about in years.

I like the sleek packaging which marry perfectly the natural attitude of the company - but my only complaint is about the packaging: first, the cap of the bottles split after a couple of uses and secondly the colour of the tints is not reported on the actual bottle but only on the box (cunningly, just peel it off and stick it on the bottle).

 These are more like recommendations, being extra fussy, for things you may want to improve. As I said before, the actual products are amazing. Another thumb up goes to the fact that  all products have SPF in it (of course, coming from Australia...)

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

To be simplistic, this is an highlighter but it's so much more! It can be mixed with your foundation to add extra radiance or just dotted on top of the foundation on cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose, cupid bow. The consistency goes a long way, in fact the swatch above would be too much for a single use - the smell is sooo nice too.

Luminous Skin Colour in Cashmere

This works like a tinted moisturiser, it's the last product I bought and I'm so glad I hold off - ok, let me explain: here in Glasgow, I haven't found any retailer (correct me if I'm wrong) so I had to buy the stuff online but this one really need to be matched to your skin. Online you can find charts but in my experience are totally off. Ten days ago I was in Edinburgh and manage to find a salon, stocking BECCA and I was there matched with Cashmere. It is perfect for me! It is honestly the best match - in a base - I have ever had. It totally disappears into my skin.
Now, if I had followed the tips online I would have bought a too dark, too yellow colour for me. So bottom line, WAIT until you can actually try the product.

Fine Pressed Powder in Sesame

This is a setting powder to finish off the skin; the colour Sesame is kinda universal and suits most skin tones (from fair to medium) and it does it's job, nothing too exciting (compared to the other items). They also do a loose powder version.

Eye Tint in Vicuna

This is a waterproof eyeshadow; the colour I got is very light and shimmery but all the options in the range are neutral, toned down colours; for the perfect beach look, use it to prep the eyelid and just add a coat of mascara. 

Beach Tint in Guava

This product I also love - it's a water-resistant stain for cheeks and lips. I'm happy with how the product perform so I'm definitely going to try the other colours too. Only tip: you need to shake it really well before use, otherwise it comes out too watery.

so... have I converted you? Have a browse on the official website.

Sharing my choice of nail-wear of the week!

Rimmel Coralicious & OPI Coronation

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another one???

Yes, there is indeed another beauty box on the market; this subscription is a bit different in fact there're 3 options available on Latest in Beauty Website

1) you can choose a monthly box with 3 sachet samples for 1 pound;
2) luxury version has travel size bottles and you can order as many as you want (but only one for type);
3) and the most interesting in my opinion - Themed box, 6 releases per year for £4.95 starting with 2011 Winners Box;

The very innovation is that you can find in advance what it's in the box and decide from there if you wanna order.
Also, you need to fill a profile. In details so you get re commendations based on skin/hair type.

Personally, I haven't ordered any yet but I will definitely keep an eye on this initiative too - the next themed box sounds interesting: party prep! :)

What are you thoughts?

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are the beauty boxes going to be the end of Boots...

That thought came into my mind yesterday when I was clearing my wallet, checking old receipts and I found a whole bunch of Boots vouchers UNUSED!!! At first, I was puzzled since I always take full advantage of the quadruple points coupons and then - when trying to remember when was the last time I was in Boots - I couldn't remember. Finally yes, it was May - coincidently when the beauty boxes started in Uk... coincidence, well...
I can't get over the fact that I haven't felt the urge to browse and buy in Boots for 3 months and the only explanation is that I get my 'fix' with the monthly delivers.
I'll give you an example: last week I finished my body cream; usually, I would have a back up but this time - even knowing the bottle was nearly empty - I just didn't bothered since I had the body lotions from the boxes to test and review.

what do you think... have you notice if you have had less trips yourself? :)

Anyway, I did go in today but I only bought these mere pieces:

No7 Perfect Lips Pencil in Nude - I wanted to pick this up to use with my new Bobbi Brown nude lipstick (check a future post coming soon... exciting make up!!! :)) and was able to use £5 off voucher that they gave me at the till, so just paid £2.50 - bargain as it's a well review item.

Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touchups by Japonesque - Boots new stocks a whole range of beauty 'helpers' (lip moisturiser, make up remover...); I'm going to try these first and see how they work, I like the practicality of the q-tips.


Free Sample ALERT!

Get yourself a free sample of the new Burberry Body perfume, coming out on the 1st of September - all you have to do is fill few details on their Facebook page

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Diet Chef - Update

It has been 2 weeks and the results are in! This diet has been a total success for me.
I know I know... you're all interested in the nUmbErs - I lost 6.6 pounds and 3.5 inches all over my body. I'm quite pleased with that especially because I enjoyed the food and I never felt hungry.

For breakfast, I most enjoyed maple syrup & pecan granola or cocoa porridge.
For lunch, you can choose between a soup and milkshake; soup was probably the food that I liked the least so I often opted for chocolate or caffelatte milkshake.
Dinner is a completed cooked meal and my favourites included lasagne, korma, paella - you require to add a side vegetable to this meal.
Finally, snacks like salt & vinegar popcorn, chocolate chip cookies - plus 2 fruits.

The choices are much more vast, this are just examples of my personal tastes - plus, you can customise to better suits your life style (I like to swap lunch with a lighter dinner).
Here is something I don't quite understand: the 'finish' plan, as above, should provide 1200 calories but it doesn't add up. Maybe the explanation is that some food, like milkshakes, are fortified with vitamins and minerals. I repeat: I didn't feel hungry!!
If you want you can increase to 1500 calories adding some carbs at lunch, for example.

What else to add - I'm back on normal diet now but I'm planning on doing diet chef again next month for another couple of weeks... I think it's a great way to give your metabolism a boost and I totally recommend it.

you can check my previous post here.

I don't mind going into the office for training...

... when I get a goodie bag!!! :)

The Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries are from the Citron, Honey and Coriander line - they are quite nice, not too overpowering...
...but these cookies are UNBELIEVABLE - Honestly, you got to try them... I would book myself into an hotel, just to eat them again. hehe.

is your employer this generous too? :P
I was feeling a bit down today, so THE FIANCE' brought this home: 

isn't he a darling? :)

The magazine came with two freebies.
I LOVE (yes, capital letters!) the nail polish. It's the most gorgeous colour - in fact I've decided that could be an option for my wedding (if I decide to go with neutral nails). The colour is My Fair Lady.
If you're interested in Ciate' - click here to see the other shade I've got.

The other sample is Dove hair conditioner, which I'm also looking forward to try as I have read many bloggers raving about it.

LUSH = extra pampering!
I'm loving having a bath, relax and read my magazine... well, who doesn't?!
My favourite of this box is Dorothy Bubble Bar; it smells, divine, the rainbow is the cutest... and turns the water blue. :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Boudoir Prive' no1

I know that the Boudoir Prive' box was received over a week ago, but I decided to wait to have tested all the products before writing this post, purely because I thought it was a bit pointless making a post with just a list of the content since all the boxes were identical.

First of all, I'm not going to make comparisons with the GlossyBox because, apart from the fact that they are both subscriptions, the class  of products provided are different - so let's concentrate on the Boudoir Prive' in this post.

First impressions: good! I like the packaging: pink and it's got a magnet to close it securely.
Also, top marks on the personalised card - lovely touch - and the mirror stickers - devil is in the details! :)

Ok, let's move on the actual products:

- BABOR HRS Lifting Extra Firming Cream: this is my favourite sample of the lot! It feels so luxurious and it disappears into the skin. I really felt an improvement on the texture of my skin but the amount provided is too small to really see an improvement in lifting. It also smells so good that I want to eat it. I've been using it mornings and evenings. Full size 50ml sells for £82.

- ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE Putain Des Palaces & Rien: I'm usually quite fussy with perfumes but I like both - luck! I would describe them as old fashion, parisian, opulent & sophisticated. The striking tones are leather and incense. 
If I need to choose a favourite is probably 'Putain'... ummm, what does this say about me, oh dear! :P Only criticism: the sample bottles haven't got the name on it, so I will have to keep them in the plastic bag to know which one is which. Full bottles retail for £52.50.

 - OLAVIE Antioxidant Body Butter: this is my least favourite; purely because I don't use 'simple' moisturisers for my body but prefer to get anti-cellulite or firming products. In any case, this butter melts into the skin, leaving a lovely scent of grape-y acidic undertones (maybe, I'm not using the right words, but IT IS lovely!:)). Fails on the packaging tho: the products is not fluid and my fingers are simply not strong enough to squeeze that bottle, I'm nearly giving up on using this now. Full jar is £43.55.

- JANE IREDALE PureLash Extender and Conditioner: it took a few attempts to learn how to use this properly: what I can recommend is not let it dry completly, wait 5 minutes and when it starts to go clear, apply your mascara. I find that it made my mascara go lumpy when dry. Honestly, I didn't see any improvement extension-wise but I hope it helped condition the hair. In general, I'm not too keen this pre-mascara products as we are always already in a rush when getting ready (isn't it?!) and I don't really need to add another step - that's why I will not repurchase. On the other hand, I use a serum before bed (hoping it makes a difference). Full price £13.

-SACHAJUAN Hair Repair: this is another top product - my second favourite! I put it on for 10 minutes after shampooing as a treatment. It smells amazing and leaves hair super soft. I just can't wait to wash my hair again to use it! That's how much I love it. :)
On top of that, this is a full size bottle - £11 for 100ml.

- BLOOM Green Tea & White Tea Duo: I know few people were puzzled when received tea in their beauty box but the company says that beauty also comes from within - and I totally agree with that! (Plus, the veteran BirchBox often included comestible good like muesli bar... so why not?!)
My favourite of the two will have to be the green tea with jasmine, rose petals and echinacea.
White tea - with fennel, peppermint and aniseed - was too minty for my taste; it is still lovely but I would get bored of it easily, I reckon.
I did feel like treating myself, drinking these teas: they retail for £4 per 10 teabags... totally luxurious if you ask me!!!

To summarise, it was a really good box - I had the chance to try niche brands that are hard to come across (to be honest, I didn't know any of these before). All in all, the box didn't have a WOW factor because the brands are not so well known but the products sure deliver.

Hope this was helpful - What you people out there think? :)


Monday talk...

I've just downloaded ASOS app for the iPad.
It's pretty good, I'm liking it a lot (especially since ASOS doesn't send me a copy of the magazine every month - sometimes only if I place an order, sometimes it arrives randomly...)

Have you got it yet - what do you think?
I hope it stays for free...

Friday, 19 August 2011

YSL Autumn 2011 Look - Midnight Garden

W O W - am i pleased the mind behind the new make up range is Lloyd Simmonds! 
He's Yves Saint Laurent make up artist since June 2010 and just came out with the most exciting collection, i've seen so far for the upcoming season.
  The inspiration comes from nature where colours represent emotions, feelings - Epitome of life itself!
Bright aqua, iridescent green, shimmering violets that mimic the plumage of birds and vibrancy of tropical palms.

All products are in the ultra-chic shiny gold cases, iconic of YSL.

Blush Radiance no2 & no5

There're 2 matte and 2 shimmering squares in the compact; I have swatch them separately above but they work better blended together, giving a lift to the cheeks. They are easily buildable and comes in 6 shades.

I'm also curious to try no3 (bottom left) - violet blush, I don't have anything quite like that...

Rouge Volupte Perle - no107 Impetuous Beige

This is a gorgeous shade; although, it's classified as 'beige' i would say is more pinkish (than brownish) and a perfect match for me. It gives a subtle veil of colour with a pearly brilliance - totally melts into the lips, really comfortable to wear.

There're 6 hues to choose from:

Ombres 5 Lumieres Eyeshadows - no11

oh my... this is the piece de resistance, of course! 
This is the only palette of the collection and they manage to create the most beautiful eyeshadows to play with. My personal favourite are the 2 lighter shades which are infused with blue mother of pearl reflections. I sense that some of you may get scared from all the shimmer but this is not ordinary sparkle - the eyes look luminous and framed at the same time. The powders blends together beautifully and stay put all day.

La Laque - no43 Wintergreen & no44 Moonlight Blue
This are the less exciting of the lot - but still the perfect finish to complete the look.

The collection is available now worldwide.

more looks to follow...


*this product was a free sample - Many thanks to Lucy*

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