Sunday, 28 August 2011

are the beauty boxes going to be the end of Boots...

That thought came into my mind yesterday when I was clearing my wallet, checking old receipts and I found a whole bunch of Boots vouchers UNUSED!!! At first, I was puzzled since I always take full advantage of the quadruple points coupons and then - when trying to remember when was the last time I was in Boots - I couldn't remember. Finally yes, it was May - coincidently when the beauty boxes started in Uk... coincidence, well...
I can't get over the fact that I haven't felt the urge to browse and buy in Boots for 3 months and the only explanation is that I get my 'fix' with the monthly delivers.
I'll give you an example: last week I finished my body cream; usually, I would have a back up but this time - even knowing the bottle was nearly empty - I just didn't bothered since I had the body lotions from the boxes to test and review.

what do you think... have you notice if you have had less trips yourself? :)

Anyway, I did go in today but I only bought these mere pieces:

No7 Perfect Lips Pencil in Nude - I wanted to pick this up to use with my new Bobbi Brown nude lipstick (check a future post coming soon... exciting make up!!! :)) and was able to use £5 off voucher that they gave me at the till, so just paid £2.50 - bargain as it's a well review item.

Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touchups by Japonesque - Boots new stocks a whole range of beauty 'helpers' (lip moisturiser, make up remover...); I'm going to try these first and see how they work, I like the practicality of the q-tips.


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