Monday, 22 August 2011

Boudoir Prive' no1

I know that the Boudoir Prive' box was received over a week ago, but I decided to wait to have tested all the products before writing this post, purely because I thought it was a bit pointless making a post with just a list of the content since all the boxes were identical.

First of all, I'm not going to make comparisons with the GlossyBox because, apart from the fact that they are both subscriptions, the class  of products provided are different - so let's concentrate on the Boudoir Prive' in this post.

First impressions: good! I like the packaging: pink and it's got a magnet to close it securely.
Also, top marks on the personalised card - lovely touch - and the mirror stickers - devil is in the details! :)

Ok, let's move on the actual products:

- BABOR HRS Lifting Extra Firming Cream: this is my favourite sample of the lot! It feels so luxurious and it disappears into the skin. I really felt an improvement on the texture of my skin but the amount provided is too small to really see an improvement in lifting. It also smells so good that I want to eat it. I've been using it mornings and evenings. Full size 50ml sells for £82.

- ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE Putain Des Palaces & Rien: I'm usually quite fussy with perfumes but I like both - luck! I would describe them as old fashion, parisian, opulent & sophisticated. The striking tones are leather and incense. 
If I need to choose a favourite is probably 'Putain'... ummm, what does this say about me, oh dear! :P Only criticism: the sample bottles haven't got the name on it, so I will have to keep them in the plastic bag to know which one is which. Full bottles retail for £52.50.

 - OLAVIE Antioxidant Body Butter: this is my least favourite; purely because I don't use 'simple' moisturisers for my body but prefer to get anti-cellulite or firming products. In any case, this butter melts into the skin, leaving a lovely scent of grape-y acidic undertones (maybe, I'm not using the right words, but IT IS lovely!:)). Fails on the packaging tho: the products is not fluid and my fingers are simply not strong enough to squeeze that bottle, I'm nearly giving up on using this now. Full jar is £43.55.

- JANE IREDALE PureLash Extender and Conditioner: it took a few attempts to learn how to use this properly: what I can recommend is not let it dry completly, wait 5 minutes and when it starts to go clear, apply your mascara. I find that it made my mascara go lumpy when dry. Honestly, I didn't see any improvement extension-wise but I hope it helped condition the hair. In general, I'm not too keen this pre-mascara products as we are always already in a rush when getting ready (isn't it?!) and I don't really need to add another step - that's why I will not repurchase. On the other hand, I use a serum before bed (hoping it makes a difference). Full price £13.

-SACHAJUAN Hair Repair: this is another top product - my second favourite! I put it on for 10 minutes after shampooing as a treatment. It smells amazing and leaves hair super soft. I just can't wait to wash my hair again to use it! That's how much I love it. :)
On top of that, this is a full size bottle - £11 for 100ml.

- BLOOM Green Tea & White Tea Duo: I know few people were puzzled when received tea in their beauty box but the company says that beauty also comes from within - and I totally agree with that! (Plus, the veteran BirchBox often included comestible good like muesli bar... so why not?!)
My favourite of the two will have to be the green tea with jasmine, rose petals and echinacea.
White tea - with fennel, peppermint and aniseed - was too minty for my taste; it is still lovely but I would get bored of it easily, I reckon.
I did feel like treating myself, drinking these teas: they retail for £4 per 10 teabags... totally luxurious if you ask me!!!

To summarise, it was a really good box - I had the chance to try niche brands that are hard to come across (to be honest, I didn't know any of these before). All in all, the box didn't have a WOW factor because the brands are not so well known but the products sure deliver.

Hope this was helpful - What you people out there think? :)


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