Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I was feeling a bit down today, so THE FIANCE' brought this home: 

isn't he a darling? :)

The magazine came with two freebies.
I LOVE (yes, capital letters!) the nail polish. It's the most gorgeous colour - in fact I've decided that could be an option for my wedding (if I decide to go with neutral nails). The colour is My Fair Lady.
If you're interested in Ciate' - click here to see the other shade I've got.

The other sample is Dove hair conditioner, which I'm also looking forward to try as I have read many bloggers raving about it.

LUSH = extra pampering!
I'm loving having a bath, relax and read my magazine... well, who doesn't?!
My favourite of this box is Dorothy Bubble Bar; it smells, divine, the rainbow is the cutest... and turns the water blue. :)

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