Monday, 30 April 2012

LuxBox UK

Personally, this box is a disappointment!
Mainly because I wouldn't call these LUX products/brands - also, many are just doubles from other boxes. Luckily, the only item I had previously received is the eyeshadow, otherwise I'd be even more pissed off!

It's my fault really - I cancelled all my subscription last month and I haven't regret it so I should have just stuck with it...  not to mention, I have just cancelled this too.

Have you subscribed to LuxBox - happy or not??

Liz Earle - step 2

I'm a devotee to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Cleanser - you can read my review here.
Recently, I have started using the next 2 steps of the daily essentials range: the toner & the moisturiser... and once again I've been blown away by how good these products perform!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
I've the spritzer version of the toner which is incredibly versatile: some mornings, I spray it on my face and let it dry naturally but other mornings - that I'm in a hurry - I can simply spray it on a cotton wool pad and sweep it over my face.
 It's so convenient that I took this with me in Italy and used it in the day to freshen up my make up, during warm afternoons.
The scent is very refreshing and revitalising and it's perfect to wake me up in the morning.
It contains aloe vera, cucumber extract, geranium, calendula - all plants ideal to sooth, calming and toning every type of skin, also the most sensitives.
Also, it's alcohol free and if the spray is not for you - there's a 'normal' bottle version on the market, too.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser
Finally, I've been finishing off my morning routine with the light moisturiser.
The cream is very lightly wiped and absorbs instantly into my skin; I've been using it for nearly 2 months and thanks to the balanced blend of ingredients, I never had any problem or break outs. It's beautifully scented but not too overpowering.
The main ingredients are avocado oil, echinacea, beta-carotene which are antioxidant, replenish moist and help protect the skin.
The packaging is, also, a winner: the cream comes out of of the pump is the best I have ever tried; it dispense the product in small amounts so you don't risk to use too much or waste it.
Then, the slimline bottle is perfect for when I travel back home.

I just spotted a glorious Liz Earle blusher on a magazine... next on the list!!!
Which are your favourite Liz Earle products?

*pr samples*

Sunday, 29 April 2012

March Shopping

Last month, I manage to do some last minute shopping before going to Italy but I forgot my memory card in Glasgow (of course, doh!!!)... so I'm only sharing these buys now:

Both shirt and dress are from Warehouse and they were in the sale.


Warehouse Mirror Floral Dress
I had seen (and liked) the dress before - and it's really current with the mirror print; Also, the fact that it could be a 2 pieces is pretty cool. The material is very soft, too.

Hand Drawn Pansy Print Silk Blouse
This shirt is so gorgeous! I can't believe it didn't go out of stock and that I found it in the sales rack... and there were plenty of every size!!! It's silk and I paid £25 - but also full price of £55 - I think it's great for what you get.
The design is kinda of oversize and I had to get a size 8 to fit me properly... I'm seriously loving it! ;)

Boots was still doing 3for2 on make up:

Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish in 500 Peppermint: I wanted a mint nail colour but I'm, also, starting to cut down on polishes as I end up throwing them away half full... so this was a good compromise, shade/price-wise. I'm, usually, happy with Rimmel quality, although this looks a bit stricky with one coat.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 40 Permanent Taupe: of course, I wanted to try this new product too!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED because I wanted Pomegranate Punk but It didn't come on in Uk so I picked up this colour, instead. I think it's quite pretty, actually and the staying power is good; I didn't have anything similar in my collection before and I got it to use as a base, mainly, but I've been using it on its own too.

Revlon Grow Luscious Lashliner in 002 Espresso: nothing exciting - I just wanted a brown pencil for the wedding and technically, it was free. It did me real good on the big day: it's a dark brown, it's creamy and it won't budge!!! Definitely, reccomending this product.

I, also, got No7 Revitalising Hand Saviour which is a scrub for your hands and the best manicure product, I've ever used. I've been using it for about 2 years, regularly and it leaves your skin super-soft. I think, it's about £11/13 so I only buy it when I have a discount voucher.

At the Benefit counter I picked up a sample of the new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF25 foundation (bloody name!!! liking the wee bottle, tho). I was given Honey, which seems a bit dark for me but at least it's not too yellow; I haven't tried it yet so I can't judge, sorry. Anybody tried this yet?

Finally in Debenhams, I had 25quid worth of points to use so I got another bottle of the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum which is MIRACULOUS and I wouldn't want to be without again - you can read my rave about this serum here.

Then, I bought YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 9 Cool Guava that I've been wanting for a long time.
What a tremendous product! This went straight to the top of my favourite lipsticks... it's so soft and light on the lips, super moisturising and smells so yummy... I just wish they'd make more colours on this line. Sure, it's pretty pricey but totally worth it!!!

Hope everybody is having a lovely Sunday!!! :)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Debenhams 2/6

Chanel - Le Vernis nail colour in June
This is part of the Spring 2012 collection - as soon as I saw a spoiler, months ago, on I was in love! It's just so pretty.
I don't usually spend that much on polishes - I just can't justify more than 5 quid on a nail varnish, really... they end up drying pretty quickly and I have never finished a bottle... a bit of a waste, if you ask me.
 I've been wearing it 'barely there' with 1-2 thin coats - it's so flattering on tanned skin; but, if you prefer, you can still build it to a more intense colour.
If you look at the bottle, it has a slight shimmer but it's really not detectable on the fingers and it's super glossy!

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Brightening Nudes
This product, first, caught my eye on a youtube video; so, I had to pop in House of Fraser and swatch it. It's the perfect mix of neutrals, if you ask me - brown, beige and pink and the most stunning shades!
I have swatched the 6 squares separately here - only for the blog benefit - but I would never attempt to use them individually: all the tones work perfectly together.
 I can't explain how... but It really has a brightening effect on the face and also feels so light on the skin.
The packaging, also, is beautiful: I got to say that the mirror compact doesn't seem to attract fingerprint (as much as the Guerlain' ones) and it has a magnet closure. It comes in a pouch but it's made of cotton instead of the velvet (Dior/Chanel types) that gets dirty in a nano-second.

Have you seen/bought any of these items??

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Laine Blogger Award

Thanks so so much to Caroline from Beauty, Crafts and Life in General for giving me this award!
Please, visit her blog - it's full of great review and beauty tips and she also started doing make up looks and she is sooo pretty!!!

The Laine Blogger Award:

  • link back to the blogger who awarded you
  • blog about the award
  • give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Discovering... Space NK

Discovering - because I have only recently found out that Space NK runs a reward scheme with a points card; well, I'm sure the majority of you already know about this but I only discovered this recently, reading blogs.
Mainly, I do my beauty shopping in Debenhmas because they always have promotions on and - most importantly - they have a loyalty card.
Then, until now, I would buy brands that they don't sell - Laura Mercier, Nars - in House of Fraser or John Lewis. Now, I will definitely go to Space NK since, at the same price, you also get points... meaning money off in the future!

Anyway, for my first purchase I got Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville - Light 4.
This is my current favourite foundation and it's in my maybe list for the wedding.
I'm still not 100% sure as I have a couple of other contenders that I really like too but I don't think I can buy Nars in Italy so I got myself a bottle.
I'm also thinking I may tan a wee bit so I'm keeping a sample of Santa Fe - which is also a good match for me - to mix it with... just in case I need to go a bit darker.
I apply it with Real Techniques Buffing Brush or only with my fingers - it's a joy to work with and the finish result is just beautiful. It last a long time on me, even without setting - actually, I prefer not to set it with powder and let the glow coming through.
***update: I did use this foundation for my wedding... full products list coming soon :)***

my hand is not the perfect place to swatch the colour as it's much darker, apparently, than my face...
... but it blends really well and it's a perfect match on my face.

Have you tried this foundation? Do you like it? :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter

I, finally, managed to swatch the Revlon Lip Butters in store and I must confess I only returned 1 of the originals I bought a couple of weeks ago -
I got pretty sucked into this hype, Im afraid and I wouldn't normally buy 5 lipsticks from the same brand/line in one go (I got 2for£10 and than 3for2... still!)... I blame it on the pre-wedding madness! :P
Anyway, I got to admit I like the product: I like the pigmentation and because of the balmy feeling, it gives me the opportunity to wear lipsticks more.

I returned Tutti Frutti 'cause it really didn't suit my skin - shame as I love a orange lip!
The packaging is still up for judgement: I like the quilted coloured cup but the black base is too thin so it's hard to grab and open it, the first few times at least.
I like the actual metal tube inside - very sleek and chic and definitely a reminder of the Dior Addict Lipstick.

025 Peach Parfait
This is a warm peach which is the most subtle on me; it, also, has a layer of golden shimmer which still adds a dimension to the lips. Very summery!

050 Berry Smoothie
This is the one that surprised me the most; it looked pretty ordinary in the packaging but instead is so flattering on the skin and the most wearable.
It's a berry colour, obviously, with a tiny tiny bit of shimmer (nothing compared to Peach Parfait), perfect to add a hint of colour. At the same time, it can be built up easily to obtain a very intense stained lip.

080 Strawberry Shortcake
This is my least favourite, actually; I wanted a light baby pink, ideally Cotton Candy but I couldn't find it so I got this one. 
It lightens my lips too much and I was looking for something barely there, instead.
Swatched, it is a gorgeous bubblegum pink (pretty cool toned) but it's simply too pigmented to look good on me.

090 Sweet Tart
My favourite! :)
It's a warm bright pink, nearly fuchsia I'd say - and fuchsia is my favourite shade of lipstick; especially,  for a statement lip instead of a red!

096 Macaroon
I read that Macaroon is Uk-esclusive apparently... it's described as a toned down strawberry jam with brown undertones... I think the description put it down, it's much prettier in real life.
It's kinda of a unique, peculiar shade but definitely mostly wearable by many and in many occasions.
Looking forward to experiment with this one.

They last about a couple of hours on me - colour-wise, the shine disappears well before that - but because they are so low maintenance, I don't mind to re-apply on the go. 
What struck me the most and I love is the glossiness which enhance my thin lips... but without being sticky as a gloss.

All together, heavily swatched - l-r: peach parfait, berry smoothie, strawberry shortcake, sweet tart, macaroon
So, what do you reckon... would you try any of these? :)

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