Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Present / Dior Addict To Life

Richard's mum just came back from an holiday in Cyprus and brought me back this perfume. It's the new version for Dior Addict, just launched in June 2011.

It's a fresh, soapy scent; the composition begins with pomegranate, raspberry and peach. The heart tones of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley are followed by the base of cedar and white musk.

I'm actually liking it a lot!
Also, i looooove the name and the shape of the bottle - I think it's going to become my summer signature fragrance. Sniff away! :)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shopping / Misha Barton Studded Bucket Bag

Wee bargain today. :)
Love: off-white grey, zips, studs, stars and it's also a great size. Perfect to pair with white fringe boots & skinny jeans.

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Friday, 24 June 2011


UPDATE 21/07/11: all right, it's been a month and i had time to try the products:
- Bioeffect Serum: i have been using this one, as directed, every night on my face, including eyelids and neck. Appplying only the serum without any cream... and i have seen an improvement definitely!!! it's really really good, my skin feels soft, pampered, nourished. But at over 100quid, i don't think i will purchase it.

also, I'm including swatches of lipgloss and nail polish. OPI has been a nice re-discover; i'm liking the glitter which is kinda holographic, the product stays smooth on application (some shimmering nail varnishes leave a rough surface), it's not super glossy (neither matt tho) but it requires few coats (in fact i prefer it as a top coat on a darker colour, as my ring finger in the picture.
The lipgloss - well, i still don't like it; it is just not my colour.

Finally, finally this morning I received my first glossybox!!! The May one was sent on 20th so I was expecting this one to arrive the same day... And I have - basically - been waiting for it all week!!!

First thought: a bit disappointed really. :( maybe because the first one was truly amazing and was expecting more...
Also, looking on the website, appears that they didn't send everybody the same 5 items; 3 stables plus 2 different ones (for example, the nail polish I would have preferred the other colour and instead of the lipgloss, one of the foot treatment product). Anyway, I didn't cancelled my subscription yet. I reckon I'll just a couple more - also because apparently they will start to charge for postage from September (so, I will probably get the September box too as I think few people will unsubscribe and maybe benefit from a very special box... If you know what I mean ;))

Ok, so what we got here:

- OPI Nail Lacquer: this is a mini from Designer Series, I got the silver shade but as mentioned before I would have prefered the purple. Pros: I'm looking forward to try OPI product and the mini bottle is super cute.
Cons: looks too glittery for my personal taste.

Bioeffect EGF Serum: this is the item I'm most excited to try. I'm well into serum as I'm getting older and this is safe to use on eyelids and doesn't need to be follow by other night products. It also comes with a card that gives you £30 off if you buy a bottle in the next month - oh yeah, forgot to mention is £125. Must really be miraculous for that price.

Batiste Original: this is the most disappointing! Are you kidding me??! Wasn't it supposed to be 5 luxury samples? This bottle is like 3quid... Plus, I used it before, it's not for me (I don't think it's suitable for fringes which is the part of my hair which gets greasiest the most) and wasn't planning on purchase it again; now, I have 2 bottles that will last me for a lifetime.

Lalique perfume: this fragrance is called Perles de Lalique and unfortunately is not my taste. :( That's just bad luck.
I will probably give it to my mum, but it's cute, retro bottle. Plus, there's a guide to' Lalique parfumes and 10% off voucher if you wish to buy a full bottle ( 'suppose also handy if you need to buy a present).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss: I'm sure somebody else would have loved this item... Not me. :( again, bad luck!
First, I don't use lip glosses in general and on top of that the shade doesn't really suit me. It's called Secret Places of Love #54, kind of coraly but too browny as well and also tooooo glittery ( sorry for all the yyyyyyy :P).
Cons: very smooth and not sticky.

Finally, the box which is worth mentioning I think... Sturdy & will come in handy to store jewelry or makeup.

That's it then, what did you receive? Happy with that?

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Don't you love when you're off the day sales start :)

Retorical question but HELL YEAH!!!

This morning we woke up early and popped into Tesco where I also got a couple of mags: Glamour with a free Benefit Posie Tint - you can also get High Beam or Benetint (I already got them) but they are the smaaaalest of the bottle. Still cute and a little goes a long way.
Then InStyle which came with £5 Body Shop voucher (and I got the sweet lemon body scrub in the picture below, later in the afternoon).
It was good to do the food shopping in the morning 'cause it was so quiet and it was a sunny morning... Also, treated myself to breakfast in Costa with a flat white & ham and cheese toastie... I don't know, alltogether put me in a good mood straight away :

We were back home by noon and after relaxing for an hour or so, we decided to go to The Fort shopping centre 'cause both Richard and I had to buy vitamins from Boots but couldn't be bothered to go in town. Also got the following in the chemistry:
No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush: I don't have any other brush which is similar to this and read this one is the best. Also at around 6quid is quiet economical.
Lanolips 101 Ointment: finally I found this! I could never find it in any other Boots and want to try it for a while for my lips. I got quiet problematic lips and this shouldn't provoke me any allergy, hopefully. Reminds me of La Roche-Posay Ceralip Lip Repair Cream which I used in Italy, brilliant product btw.
Dove visible effects hand cream: my hands and cuticles have been unbelievably dry in the last couple of months; vaseline hand cream didn't do any good so I wish to this one... Fingers crossed.

We were walking about when - what do you know!!! - i noticed all the shops had Sales sign on. ***big smiles***
From Topshop -----> long sleeve jersey top, love the colour straight away and it's also sooo comfortable and soft. £3 on sale.
Taupe Floral Print Bishop Sleeve Dress, very nice dress; floaty, like the sleeves, print and it's quite short, kinda of a sixties feel to it. I cant believe it was on sale, I would have expect for this to go sold out. £25 on sale.
Mini Strawberry Ditsy Bracelet, so cute, got the smallest charm. I wanted it for a while, glad I waited and got it £2.50 on sale.

+++ didn't use a penny as I still have some Christmas vouchers to use +++

LUCKY LUCKIEST DAY!!!! I thought I would never find that bag again and kinda of regretted few times I didn't buy when I first saw it but hey! It was £79.99 - Zara Small Fashion Bag with Studs

LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT - at the touch you can feel is a soft, good quality leather. It's just such a cool bag in so many aspects. Anyway, I got it for half price and the girl at the till also informed that they had just found it, lying in the stockroom... Forgotten... Sigh :( ... She was waiting for me. :D

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Benefit Haul

Latest acquisitions from Benefit:

Powderflage: been meaning to try this one since it lanched. Plus, I was planning on getting a fan brush for highlighters - this one is tiny but will see how it fairs.

Bella Bamba: I don't have any blusher from their range so wasn't sure which one to try but I swatched this one in Debenhams a couple of weeks ago and I was sold instantly. Plus, it smells amazing (watermelon) and I really like the packaging. It looks quite pigmented so hopefully will blend nicely - it's described as 3D blush but whatever that means, I'll have to find out.

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Friday, 17 June 2011

MAC part 2

TADA!!! As anticipated in the previous post, I was looking forward to this little gem being delivered. :)
Enough with the suspense... Photos first:

MAC Intriguing Scarlet: 3 Cool Pink Lips
In this lip palette we got:
- 1 lipgloss in Sheer Vision which kinda disappears in the swatch above.
- 2 lipsticks in Overjoyed and Make Me Melt respectively middle and right in the swatch. Both lustre finish, beautifully creamy and flattering.
- brush 316SE which is not too bad, I could happily use this one for the application.

Told you it was a GEM shiny & compact!

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

MAC part 1

This week I bought few MAC items; I've decided to do 2 posts because the second one deserves fuuuuull attention! :)

Anyway, lets get back to this post... nothing particularly exciting, a couple of essentials in the form of brushes!

187: face brush, got it to use with Magically Cool Liquid Powder.
182: kabuki, got it to bronze myself away. ;)

I'm pleased! As expected the quality is brilliant and they will last forever.

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Saturday, 4 June 2011


Day off today - Quick post to show you my outfit of the day!

Theme: Blushing Rose

Bag/Topshop; Rose Ring/Topshop; Nail varnish/Bourjous; Shoes/Topshop; Skirt/Ted Baker; Khaki vest & tights/ASOS; Lace Top/Topshop; Necklace/Past Times; Cardi/Zara; Scarf/H&M; Military Washington Ring/Dannijo.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Holiday Haul

Right, I'm just back from Italy; me & my fiancè are getting married there next year so we went over to get things in motion... And we set a date! YAY!!!
Also, I may have found the dress :))) - I went trying stuff with my sis and mum and put a deposit on one (still with the option that if I change my mind again I can, so got time til autumn, deadline to actually order it, to look around)... Plus, having a date to work towards makes such a huge difference... I feel more relaxed.

Now, back to few bits I got there. Actually, I haven't bought anything; I was planning to get some body cream/serum from Collistar which does amazing great products for cellulite but I was welcomed by the news that my sister's new boyfriend mum works in a drugstore and always gives her freebies and samples - LUCKY GIRL, IF YOU ASK ME - and to make a list of what I wanted so I could benefit from her discount at least. To be honest, I love all the products from Collistar so I wasn't too fussed, which paid off as the lovely lady was able to give me these two bottle completely free!!! They are full size and retail for around €35 each.

Finally, I got these lovely presents from my cousin Stefania! We always exchange presents at Christmas and birthdays but beause I live in uk now, we're not that punctual with dates... Hehe... She was sweet enough to drop these off for me. :)

Been wearing the necklace everyday. Adore it! <3
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