Friday, 24 June 2011


UPDATE 21/07/11: all right, it's been a month and i had time to try the products:
- Bioeffect Serum: i have been using this one, as directed, every night on my face, including eyelids and neck. Appplying only the serum without any cream... and i have seen an improvement definitely!!! it's really really good, my skin feels soft, pampered, nourished. But at over 100quid, i don't think i will purchase it.

also, I'm including swatches of lipgloss and nail polish. OPI has been a nice re-discover; i'm liking the glitter which is kinda holographic, the product stays smooth on application (some shimmering nail varnishes leave a rough surface), it's not super glossy (neither matt tho) but it requires few coats (in fact i prefer it as a top coat on a darker colour, as my ring finger in the picture.
The lipgloss - well, i still don't like it; it is just not my colour.

Finally, finally this morning I received my first glossybox!!! The May one was sent on 20th so I was expecting this one to arrive the same day... And I have - basically - been waiting for it all week!!!

First thought: a bit disappointed really. :( maybe because the first one was truly amazing and was expecting more...
Also, looking on the website, appears that they didn't send everybody the same 5 items; 3 stables plus 2 different ones (for example, the nail polish I would have preferred the other colour and instead of the lipgloss, one of the foot treatment product). Anyway, I didn't cancelled my subscription yet. I reckon I'll just a couple more - also because apparently they will start to charge for postage from September (so, I will probably get the September box too as I think few people will unsubscribe and maybe benefit from a very special box... If you know what I mean ;))

Ok, so what we got here:

- OPI Nail Lacquer: this is a mini from Designer Series, I got the silver shade but as mentioned before I would have prefered the purple. Pros: I'm looking forward to try OPI product and the mini bottle is super cute.
Cons: looks too glittery for my personal taste.

Bioeffect EGF Serum: this is the item I'm most excited to try. I'm well into serum as I'm getting older and this is safe to use on eyelids and doesn't need to be follow by other night products. It also comes with a card that gives you £30 off if you buy a bottle in the next month - oh yeah, forgot to mention is £125. Must really be miraculous for that price.

Batiste Original: this is the most disappointing! Are you kidding me??! Wasn't it supposed to be 5 luxury samples? This bottle is like 3quid... Plus, I used it before, it's not for me (I don't think it's suitable for fringes which is the part of my hair which gets greasiest the most) and wasn't planning on purchase it again; now, I have 2 bottles that will last me for a lifetime.

Lalique perfume: this fragrance is called Perles de Lalique and unfortunately is not my taste. :( That's just bad luck.
I will probably give it to my mum, but it's cute, retro bottle. Plus, there's a guide to' Lalique parfumes and 10% off voucher if you wish to buy a full bottle ( 'suppose also handy if you need to buy a present).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss: I'm sure somebody else would have loved this item... Not me. :( again, bad luck!
First, I don't use lip glosses in general and on top of that the shade doesn't really suit me. It's called Secret Places of Love #54, kind of coraly but too browny as well and also tooooo glittery ( sorry for all the yyyyyyy :P).
Cons: very smooth and not sticky.

Finally, the box which is worth mentioning I think... Sturdy & will come in handy to store jewelry or makeup.

That's it then, what did you receive? Happy with that?

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  1. I haven't subscribed to because I just can't afford to, this box seems a bit disappointing though. I don't do glittery nail polish either, and that dry shampoo is no luxury product. I'd have liked the lipgloss but I've got loads anyway!
    Following! Hope you'll follow back :)


  2. I love the packaging and agree completely that it will come in handy as a storage box (I love that kind of thing). I agree about the contents though, it looks a sbit disappointing but I think you have a good plan to stay subscribed to them until September.

    You have a wonderful blog, I like your writing style a lot so I will defintily be checking back to read more of what you have to say. Good luck with it (although I am sure you don't need it).


    All the best,

  3. Thanks girls for the kind words! :)
    I was looking forward to the box a lot, so maybe that's why I was so disappointed but, Hopefully, the context will get better again. This is my honest opinion, i don't see the point to just give positive feedback... Hope you appreciate. ;)


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