Saturday, 28 February 2009

Melting Chanel Monogram Necklace

Who doesn't love Chanel?! I found this necklace endearingly ironic... so cool!
Received it, today, from Vegas!!!

Friday, 27 February 2009

I've been looking for some fringe boots for a while now... saw a nice pair, before christmas, in Dorothy Perkins in brown suede, but couldn't find my size. There're a lot around at the moment but most of them have heels and i wanted them flat... until i feeeeell in love with this ones from River Island: perorated ankle boots. They also come in black.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Pondering: cinema

I realised if I wanna fill this blog in i got to introduce non fashion related posts too... so, the Oscars: I'm so glad Benjamin Button only got two awards; I nearly hated this movie, 156 minutes down in the pooper!
The Curious case... yes, CURIOUS is the key word... and it doesn't deliver! All you want to know is why, oh why he is like that, but the clock explanation (or 'the attempt') is pretty thin.
The movie rumbles on and on on episodes of his life, which are either major or interesting. i really quite dislike this category of films, which I call 'The Chronicles Of Freaks' (like the ever so boring Forrest Gump); i've this strong feeling of incompetent screenwriters not understanding the meaningless of these accidents, which would be actually interesting only if true stories.*
Just last year another feature came out with a similar concept of a person growing young, with Tim Roth... haven't seen it yet, so can't make comparisons.
Slumdog Millionaire, well, 8 oscars... seems exaggerate but not outrageous... i did really enjoyed it. At least, it keeps you interested til the end with all the single 'episodes' within the movie. Bittersweet and ironic troughtout the story but with an happy ending (definitely surprising!)
*not mentioning Cate Blanchett' character... so annoying.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pondering: wedding dress

I was watching 30ROCK last night (s2 ep1) and started thinking about all the business around wedding dresses; I mean it's quite and important and significant dress, I understand, but even the cheapest ones cost a couple of thousands... and you get to wear it ONCE!!!
i dont know, but it really seems quite a waste... and it's not that i'm not romantic (I am, I'm quite a dreamer) but also quite sensible... so here is the solution: i think I'll choose (in due time) a vintage couture piece, which has an economical value on his own (which is bound to increase during the years, locked in the wardrobe) plus the sentimental value, of course.
It's actually an investiment... justifing the shopping trips (to come... always in due time) in Paris to find the perfect one! ;)

Saturday, 21 February 2009


I've always gone through colour phases: probably i started with a green period in around 1996/1997... after came the red phase, which carried on for quite a while and still is one of my fave colour to wear; then 'pink love' started around 5 years ago, and I went mad for turquoise in 2005. In all these years I built quite a wardrobe, so now i pretty much wear all the colours, but i have an obsession with co-ordinate pieces.

Currently purple is the favourite, also because its been the colour of the winter season and millions of great items on the high street;

My acquisitions:

bag on the left: Zippo (thats quite old, bought it in 1999/2000 before my holiday to Dublin)
centre bag: Pauls Boutique' quilted ball bag
bag on the right: Topshop' leather fold over bag
Primark' snake skin print pumps
Primark' metallic heels
Julien MacDonalds' purple triangle lurex scarf
Topshop' leather fold over wallet
Primark' purple cardi
American Apparel' fine jersey braided belt
Dorothy Perkins' purple leather frill gloves

and the piece de resistance... Disney Couture' cherry blossoms purple leather wristband!!! (Richard' xmas present!)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Received Chanel ballet flats in bright pink from the bluefly website today... got them on sale! =)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some old outfits

RIVER ISLAND fur swing coat

DIESEL printed pussy bow shirt

TOPSHOP houndstooth cape

Monday, 16 February 2009


pink metallic skinny jeans: River Island

pink metallic duffer bag: Primark

multicolour metallic hairbands: H&M

I also like this foil leggins from Topshop; they come in silver, pink too.

Another great shop for metallic items is
... SOOO 80s!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

double Valentine

Also received my Leica leather case today; it was free when i bought the camera but i had to wait for it to be delivered.
its sooooooo cool... i love the retro style... and Richard says it's SO ME! =)

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Present from Richard:

I LUV these shoes. I got them from Office and on sale! =) they also come in black suede with silver details; umm, quite tempted to get the other version too (but that would be crazy!).

heels: office
fringe bag: topshop

Thursday, 12 February 2009

I finished my Touch Eclat over the Christmas holidays and i liked it but i don't think it's as great as everybody says. For example Clinique' Line Smoothing Concealer  gives better results.
Anyway, i wanted to try the new Erase Paste by Benefit, so went into Boots to have a make up section: i've been using it for a couple of days now and i DO DO like it; it comes with a spatula to get it out of the jar and bacteria free. =)
i also got Moon Beam... tried High Beam before, but i find 'the Moon' better for mixing with the foundation.

Also bought a perfume from the new Gwen Stefani rage: Harajuku Lovers!

They are just 12 quid, so you can also collect all of them, but honestly i just like one of the fragrances: BABY.

Finally, HEY, i CAN'T resist a freebie (especially with a makeup bag included!) =P

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Beginning

oki... i received my Miu Miu bag today.. so i decided to start a blog!
it's the large harlequin sacca.

oh my god, oh my god... i know... its probably the most expensive item i ever bought... so i thought 'thats it... it deserves a blog!!!' =)
anyway, it is from last season collection... but hey, i couldn't afford it before.

btw, the bag has an handle but also comes with shoulder strap, dust bag; it has got two pockets outside and a zipper pocket inside. Luv It. =)
i like the pink, purple and black version but i decide on the purple and teal colour 'cause i can wear it with some Diesel heels i bought before christmas:

amazing story behind these shoes!!! i bought them with 30% off, but when i came back from my Christmas holidays i realised they were too small, so i went back to the store, hoping to find a size 7; well, not only the very last pair were a 7, but also they were now 70% off, so with the rest of the money i could also get a bag, a clutch and a t-shirt... what a great day!! =P

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