Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Beginning

oki... i received my Miu Miu bag today.. so i decided to start a blog!
it's the large harlequin sacca.

oh my god, oh my god... i know... its probably the most expensive item i ever bought... so i thought 'thats it... it deserves a blog!!!' =)
anyway, it is from last season collection... but hey, i couldn't afford it before.

btw, the bag has an handle but also comes with shoulder strap, dust bag; it has got two pockets outside and a zipper pocket inside. Luv It. =)
i like the pink, purple and black version but i decide on the purple and teal colour 'cause i can wear it with some Diesel heels i bought before christmas:

amazing story behind these shoes!!! i bought them with 30% off, but when i came back from my Christmas holidays i realised they were too small, so i went back to the store, hoping to find a size 7; well, not only the very last pair were a 7, but also they were now 70% off, so with the rest of the money i could also get a bag, a clutch and a t-shirt... what a great day!! =P

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