Saturday, 21 February 2009


I've always gone through colour phases: probably i started with a green period in around 1996/1997... after came the red phase, which carried on for quite a while and still is one of my fave colour to wear; then 'pink love' started around 5 years ago, and I went mad for turquoise in 2005. In all these years I built quite a wardrobe, so now i pretty much wear all the colours, but i have an obsession with co-ordinate pieces.

Currently purple is the favourite, also because its been the colour of the winter season and millions of great items on the high street;

My acquisitions:

bag on the left: Zippo (thats quite old, bought it in 1999/2000 before my holiday to Dublin)
centre bag: Pauls Boutique' quilted ball bag
bag on the right: Topshop' leather fold over bag
Primark' snake skin print pumps
Primark' metallic heels
Julien MacDonalds' purple triangle lurex scarf
Topshop' leather fold over wallet
Primark' purple cardi
American Apparel' fine jersey braided belt
Dorothy Perkins' purple leather frill gloves

and the piece de resistance... Disney Couture' cherry blossoms purple leather wristband!!! (Richard' xmas present!)

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