Friday, 30 September 2011

Giveaway - coming soon...

Hello readers!
That's right, I have decided to do a giveaway when I reach 50 followers... so, if you enjoy reading my blog, recommend it to your friends, pretty please :D

As anticipated in my previous post, the winner will receive the new Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (and btw, these were the last 2 bottles in the Boots Glasgow Buchanan Gallery), a couple of no7 goodies and I'm planning to pick up some make up when I go to Italy next month (maybe brands that are not easy to find in UK, so you can give it a try...)

Sounds good? Well, I will start the giveaway next week - so stay in touch for more info...


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This week I'm in love with...

Limited Edition Shea Butter Lip Balm

It's so comfortable on the lips, really hydrating and smells and tastes amazing of shea butter and cocoa. :)

For over 30 years, L'Occitane has worked with women in Burkina Faso who make shea butter, buying directly from them for a fair price. This money are essential to let them take care of their families, feed the children and send them to school.
This new limited edition range has been inspired by the exotic African landscape, vibrant Bogolan cloths and natural scents of the continent.

As my fiancé always says "It's nice to be nice!" :)
I will definitely stock up on more of these lip balms before they sold out and I want to try the hand cream as well - L'Occitane hand creams have always been my favourites!

*pr sample*

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Introducing / Ellis Faas

Today, I wanna talk about a brand which I'm really excited about.
This make up range has been created by a well respected make up artist from Amsterdam, Ellis Faas; the  collection is based on natural colours present in the human body, put towards emphasising beauty of every skin tone. 
No matter on age, skin type or style, every woman will have the perfect tools to create the most versatile of looks. That doesn't mean becoming boring, in fact the products are perfect to create also the most theatrical and eye catching looks - and let me show you how below... 

Another central aspect of this range is the packaging: I can appreciate the research and effort which must have been put into realising this stylish and beautiful make up. All products are in liquid form, again because the human body consists mainly of water and a fluid product will blend more easily on the skin. Very clever indeed.
Apart from the technology behind it, these pens are simply beautiful! From foundation to eye shadow to lipstick, they all come in this practical and sleek bullet, provided with a brush for easy use (the applicators can be washed, of course). 

There is also an holder available to store all the pens together; I can see myself picking it up and fill it with the colours of choice, before an holiday. I like the practicality and no more lost make up in hotel rooms... double-bonus, me think! :)

Ellis Faas Autumn Set 2011

Petrol Milky Eyes E204

The eye pencils come in 3 different formulas: Creamy Eyes (the heavier coverage, with a velvety texture), Milky Eyes (a more translucent formula), Light (highlighters which dries to a metallic effect).

Black Mascara E401

This is probably the less exciting product of the lot; it's a mascara, that's it! It's good quality and does the job, very lengthening and it is buildable.
It also comes in brown.

Deep-Cherry Creamy Lips L102

The lip pens come in 3 formulas too: Creamy Lips (classic shades for definition and long wearing lips), Milky Lips (a more translucent texture for a stain effect), Glazed Lips (a transparent, ultra-wet splash of colour).

Today, I have created a look with strong lips!

You can also see a stronger eyes look, using the petrol pen here.

Fist of all, I LOVE these set! You can also still pick up the summer one from the website. They are a great capsule collection and they are always bang on trend.
Are they a great idea for Christmas presents for the ladies in your family or what??!!

Other colours I would recommend & I want to try myself...
'E' series are eye items, 'L' are lips, 'S' are blushes:

E105 - E203 - E208 - E305
L108 - L207 - L307

Curious yet?? :)


*pr sample*

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Few days ago I went to the cinema to watch Red State; it was followed by Q&A with Kevin Smith - yes! my fiancé is a geek; to be fair the guy is pretty funny! :) - anyway, this is what I 'wore' for the date in the dark.
I'm having major hair drama lately!! :((


Revlon PhotoReady in 007 Cool Beige
Benefit Erase Paste in medium
Benefit Moon Beam
Clinique Fresh Bloom Blush in Peony


Ellis Faas Milky Eyes E204
Ellis Faas mascara E401
Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Black Fire 


Mac Overjoyed lipstick
Mac Sheer Vision gloss
(both from Intriguing Scarlet: 3 Cool Pink Lips palette) 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Boudoir Prive' - September

Happy Postman day - yay!!!
Second delivery of the day - Exciting times :)
Although, I'm not too sure if I like the box yet... samples look really small and the Cargo pencil seems a bit of a joke (another Batiste episode??!!)

as always, full review later in the month...
are you happy with your box?

The Sanctuary Spa - 30 Day Youth Revolution

I have just received this in the post.

This is a twice a week, month treatment, broken down in 2 phases: peel off mask, followed by serum.
 I can't literally wait to use this! I will start it straight away tonight - cya in 30 days for the results!!! :)
If you also want to give it a try, it will be available to buy at the end of September.

* pr sample*

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nails of the week

Topshop - Celestial & Barry M - Black Shatter

ring: Warehouse
3 for 2 offer in Boots has just started again so here is another mini-haul.
I picked up Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Black - I've liking this one so far, pencil is soft and smooth to apply and it also got a smudger on the bottom side which works quite well.

Also, I got these babies... no, you're not seeing doubles - these are Revlon Facets of Fuchsia #095 from the latest collection and if you wanna find out why I bought 2 identical ones... well, check back next week for some exciting news!!! :)))

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


**Lunch date with fiancé @ West Brewery**

Dr Brandt Pores No More primer
Illamasqua Skin Base #6
Benefit Erase Paste in medium
Nars blush in Sex Appeal
Benefit Bella Bamba

YSL Ombre 5 Lumieres palette #11
Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner
Collection 2000 Extreme mascara in purple

Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo

Friday, 16 September 2011

GlossyBox - September

I'm veeeery pleased with my selection.

I'm just not sure about brow palette in Bombshell (which apparently is for blondes) - anybody wanna swap?

Are you a subscriber? What did you get this month? :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell Collection - Fall 2011

spoiler alert!

Ok - at first I resisted, I swear! 
I was in John Lewis to check out the new Bobbi Brown collection and, although I loved the tortoise case straight away, I didn't buy it. 
The eye palette, I'm talking about... because the lipstick came home with me!
I don't have any brownish neutral lipstick in my possession so I decided I needed to get one for my collection and this is just 'the perfect' version: the pink undertone is very prominent, which is what I like.

Rich Lip Colour SPF12 - Soft Nude #18

The lipstick is creamy and smooth to apply plus very moisturising and light to wear - I'm completely sold on the formula; this is how I like to wear it: with a clear gloss on top, which brings out the pink in it.

Now, as you may have guessed from the spoiler alert above - I had to get second helpings!
Honestly, I couldn't stop thinking about the palette and definitely couldn't wait another week to get it, so I order it on the Debenhams' website.

Sand Tortoiseshell Eye Palette

it's sooo gorgeous, isn't it? I'm loving the tortoiseshell a lot and also the hinges which let you slide out the bottom drawer. I'm nearly scared to use it in case I drop it... hehe :)
I chose the sand version, because it has got more interesting colours, in my opinion; a bronze version is also available.

Top drawer l-r: Ivory, Hot Stone, Terracotta, Desert Sand

Bottom drawer l-r: Antique Rose, Black Chocolate, Sandy Rose, Gold Bar
My favourite are Terracotta & Antique Rose - which I have used in the look below.
In my defence I got to say that I NEEDED this!!! ;P
I don't have any neutral, nude eye palette; for a while, I wanted to buy the Urban Decay Naked but then went sold out and then I lost interest in it... and comparing the two, I think the BB is far superior.

Subtle but flattering! What do you reckon?


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Illamasqua Androgen VS Mac Something Special VS Becca Tuberose

Hello girls!

I saw swatches of these products online and they all look pretty similar. Which one should I buy?
At the moment, I'm leaning towards Something Special - A wee bit.
Recommendations please?? :)


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Thursday, 8 September 2011


Lunch date on a wednesday afternoon

- Benefit Porefessional 
- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in Beige Sable*
- Benefit Erase Paste in medium
- Benefit Posie tint
- YSL Blush Radiance #2 

- YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres #11
- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara
- Daniel Sandler Baby Jet mascara

- Benefit Posie tint

*I'm not too sure about that foundation yet; I prefer it applied with a brush. I used fingers for this picture and build it up but I don't think it's giving me enough coverage.

What's your experience?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Biba Fever

I just bought this bracelet in House of Fraser last week.
It was on sale for £36, down from £120. I tried it on in the store but the sale assistant informed me that the piece was damaged and couldn't sell it (why was it still on display then??!); anyway, I check the website and they had one left so I ordered it with 'Buy & Collect' option. I think it's a great service, considering the delivery is free and the item will be available the next day.

Biba Black and Gold Logo Chain Bracelet

 I got the matching stud earrings too; I bought these last year with a gift voucher for my birthday.

I appreciate the attention put into the brand, from the bag to the wrapping to the velvet pouch. 
More exciting news from Biba!!!
House of Fraser is releasing a make up range on the 1st of October.
The inspiration behind it is 1930' Hollywood Glam with rich colours and metallic shades, perfect for winter.
The capsule collection will include: eye palette, lip palette, face palette, nail varnishes, lashes and lipgloss ring.

Prices are affordable, starting with the ring at £15 - I have already eyed it!!! :)
For the rest of the products, I want to first try them in store to see if I like them.

Are you planning on picking up something too?

Monday, 5 September 2011


Easy make up for a Saturday afternoon, spent shopping.

- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in Beige Sable
- Benefit the Porefessional primer
- Benefit Moon Beam highlighter
- Clinique Frsh Bloom blush in Peony
- Benefit Erase Paste in medium

- Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Marvel
- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
- Benefit Bad Gal eye pencil

- Chanel Rouge Allure in Darling

Hope you like! :) xx

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

GlossyBox - August

So, I had a couple of weeks to play with the items in the latest GlossyBox and here is what I think:

AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion: I LOOOOOVE THIS! I'm not a fan of 'only moisturising' body creams but this smells too good. I will definitely re-purchase and I'd like to try other products too! Also, I like the graphic on the bottle.

MURAD Time Release Blemish Cleanser: the consistency is quite fresh and gel-like and it doesn't foam at all (I didn't really like that as I don't have the feeling it's cleaning my face) - I have to fail this product. 
Initially, I didn't even want to try it as I don't have acne but then I read that you can use it anyway and will keep your face blemish-free... well, not true! At least in my case, I had breaks out on my upper lip and jaw (places which I usually don't have any spot at all - if I get any occasional spot would be on my chin) and I can only connect it to this face wash. So, I passed it over to my better-half that had recently some blemishes on his chin and he reported and it actually dried them out a bit. So, I would say to give it a go if you have problematic skin, otherwise stay away!
It's a shame: I have tried 4 Murad products and all have failed to impress me (you can check out the others here and here).

DANIEL SANDLER Baby Jet Mascara: I'm not too fussy with mascaras - basically I get them on offers on Boots, any brand really or use up the miniatures that come with free gifts but I'm pleased I received this one. It's a 'specialised' product, if you wish and I wanted to try Clinique Bottom Lashes for a while - this is a similar concept. It works fine: I apply the 1st coat on my top lashes which helps with the length and then use it on the bottom lashes. Finally, I like the sleek-smart thin tube.

KMS CALIFORNIA Hairstay Style Boost: honestly, I didn't care for this product... I gave it a try and - after the initial fascination with the crackling - I still don't care about it. You see, I'm really quite against these products: I feel it's like spraying plastic on your hair - surely, It can't be good for your scalp. I'm becoming more and more 'a purist', concerning my head. On the contrary, I'm happy to use masks and repairing treatments.
I got to admit, It does add volume to the hair but I also found that leaves hair greasy; I used it at night and the morning after I already felt my hair were oily and heavy, plus every time I touched my hair, It left a sticky residue on my fingers.
 Bottom line is that I don't buy or use styling stuff so I'm not going to start using this now, just because I got it for free (kinda). 
Anybody wanna swap? :)

REBEL NAILS Nail Wraps: I'm looking forward to try these, but I'm happy just 50% because I really dislike the design I received. :(
I have never used wraps before but they sounds like fun. I received the toes version so I'll save them for next spring, I think.

That's all folks!
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