Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Introducing / Ellis Faas

Today, I wanna talk about a brand which I'm really excited about.
This make up range has been created by a well respected make up artist from Amsterdam, Ellis Faas; the  collection is based on natural colours present in the human body, put towards emphasising beauty of every skin tone. 
No matter on age, skin type or style, every woman will have the perfect tools to create the most versatile of looks. That doesn't mean becoming boring, in fact the products are perfect to create also the most theatrical and eye catching looks - and let me show you how below... 

Another central aspect of this range is the packaging: I can appreciate the research and effort which must have been put into realising this stylish and beautiful make up. All products are in liquid form, again because the human body consists mainly of water and a fluid product will blend more easily on the skin. Very clever indeed.
Apart from the technology behind it, these pens are simply beautiful! From foundation to eye shadow to lipstick, they all come in this practical and sleek bullet, provided with a brush for easy use (the applicators can be washed, of course). 

There is also an holder available to store all the pens together; I can see myself picking it up and fill it with the colours of choice, before an holiday. I like the practicality and no more lost make up in hotel rooms... double-bonus, me think! :)

Ellis Faas Autumn Set 2011

Petrol Milky Eyes E204

The eye pencils come in 3 different formulas: Creamy Eyes (the heavier coverage, with a velvety texture), Milky Eyes (a more translucent formula), Light (highlighters which dries to a metallic effect).

Black Mascara E401

This is probably the less exciting product of the lot; it's a mascara, that's it! It's good quality and does the job, very lengthening and it is buildable.
It also comes in brown.

Deep-Cherry Creamy Lips L102

The lip pens come in 3 formulas too: Creamy Lips (classic shades for definition and long wearing lips), Milky Lips (a more translucent texture for a stain effect), Glazed Lips (a transparent, ultra-wet splash of colour).

Today, I have created a look with strong lips!

You can also see a stronger eyes look, using the petrol pen here.

Fist of all, I LOVE these set! You can also still pick up the summer one from the website. They are a great capsule collection and they are always bang on trend.
Are they a great idea for Christmas presents for the ladies in your family or what??!!

Other colours I would recommend & I want to try myself...
'E' series are eye items, 'L' are lips, 'S' are blushes:

E105 - E203 - E208 - E305
L108 - L207 - L307

Curious yet?? :)


*pr sample*


  1. I love, love, love Ellis Faas and her make-up.

    And I love the look you created with it :)

  2. Thanks sweetie! :)

    Quality stuff, I agree.

  3. I'm having a look on their website I love the idea of the pens brilliant travel size Xx


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