Saturday, 3 September 2011

GlossyBox - August

So, I had a couple of weeks to play with the items in the latest GlossyBox and here is what I think:

AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion: I LOOOOOVE THIS! I'm not a fan of 'only moisturising' body creams but this smells too good. I will definitely re-purchase and I'd like to try other products too! Also, I like the graphic on the bottle.

MURAD Time Release Blemish Cleanser: the consistency is quite fresh and gel-like and it doesn't foam at all (I didn't really like that as I don't have the feeling it's cleaning my face) - I have to fail this product. 
Initially, I didn't even want to try it as I don't have acne but then I read that you can use it anyway and will keep your face blemish-free... well, not true! At least in my case, I had breaks out on my upper lip and jaw (places which I usually don't have any spot at all - if I get any occasional spot would be on my chin) and I can only connect it to this face wash. So, I passed it over to my better-half that had recently some blemishes on his chin and he reported and it actually dried them out a bit. So, I would say to give it a go if you have problematic skin, otherwise stay away!
It's a shame: I have tried 4 Murad products and all have failed to impress me (you can check out the others here and here).

DANIEL SANDLER Baby Jet Mascara: I'm not too fussy with mascaras - basically I get them on offers on Boots, any brand really or use up the miniatures that come with free gifts but I'm pleased I received this one. It's a 'specialised' product, if you wish and I wanted to try Clinique Bottom Lashes for a while - this is a similar concept. It works fine: I apply the 1st coat on my top lashes which helps with the length and then use it on the bottom lashes. Finally, I like the sleek-smart thin tube.

KMS CALIFORNIA Hairstay Style Boost: honestly, I didn't care for this product... I gave it a try and - after the initial fascination with the crackling - I still don't care about it. You see, I'm really quite against these products: I feel it's like spraying plastic on your hair - surely, It can't be good for your scalp. I'm becoming more and more 'a purist', concerning my head. On the contrary, I'm happy to use masks and repairing treatments.
I got to admit, It does add volume to the hair but I also found that leaves hair greasy; I used it at night and the morning after I already felt my hair were oily and heavy, plus every time I touched my hair, It left a sticky residue on my fingers.
 Bottom line is that I don't buy or use styling stuff so I'm not going to start using this now, just because I got it for free (kinda). 
Anybody wanna swap? :)

REBEL NAILS Nail Wraps: I'm looking forward to try these, but I'm happy just 50% because I really dislike the design I received. :(
I have never used wraps before but they sounds like fun. I received the toes version so I'll save them for next spring, I think.

That's all folks!

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