Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.15

Botanical Essence No.15 is the second fragrance from Liz Earle.
As the name suggests, it is the result of the careful selection of 15 plants and 90% is directly derived from natural ingredients.
I love the packaging - on the box you get the images of the 15 components of this eau de parfum and it opens up to reveal a beautiful satin finish square bottle and the list of all 15 plants.
You definitely don't want to throw away the box that perfectly embraces the bottle and fastens with a wee magnet.
This scent has been carefully crafted by award-winner perfumer - Alienor Massenet - which is particularly skilled in creating essences that have the power to evoke places and surprise your senses.
Alienor describes the collaboration with Liz Earle rewarding and challenging and Botanical Essence No.15 has a olfactory jewel that should be treated as a gem!
I couldn't agree more - this fragrance is elegant and sophisticated. Patchouli and bergamot create an oriental spicy bite, whilst sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla add a dimension of warmth.
It's the ideal perfume for chilly autumn nights with its sensual notes but at the same time, vetiver and cedarwood add a fresh feminine undertone that makes it wearable for daytime too.  
I read people arguing that it's probably more suitable for a more mature clientele but I have to disagree: I'm in my early 30s and I've been enjoying wearing it, the past couple of weeks. I can appreciate the blending skills and commitment that created this unique fragrance and how it evolves on my skin during the day.
Also, my sister is in her 20s and totally fell in love with it! 
Christmas present, me think *hint hint* ;)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Spf15 Foundation
I picked up this sample in House of Fraser a couple of weeks ago and I'M IN LOVE!!!
I literally can't stop using it, I have quite a selection of foundations that I can choose from but this is the only one I've been wanting to use.
I can't say it's my absolute favourite just yet - my number one remains Nars Sheer Glow and the dewy look it gives - but this is a close second right now.
Man, I need to try and get another sample as I think this won't last much longer - I was matched with shade 4.
This month Magazine Freebies:
I got L'Occitane Hand Cream in Date Bouquet with Marie Claire.
I'm a big fan of L'Occitane Hand Creams... and actually anything L'Occitane really so I had to pick up a tube of these; other fragrances available are the original, Rose Petal and Mango Flower (which I may need to buy too as it's too good to miss) and remember, these are limited edition scents.
I got Cha Cha Tint and Sun Beam with InStyle.
I'm so glad I didn't buy Cha Cha when it came out and I wanted it so badly (I remember thinking I would see it as a free sample soon... and there you go!). I got the Posie Tint as a sample too and It's still going strong and lasting ages.
I also bough the Sun Beam as I can't say no to an highlighter and really wanted to see how it compares with my beloved Moon Beam.
l-r: Cha Cha, Sun Beam
Below is the comparison with Moon Beam:
I got to say I thought they would be more similar, actually. Moon Beam is more of champagne highlighter whilst Sun Beam has more bronze in it; personally, I still prefer the pearlessence of Moon Beam but they're discontinuing it, apparently.
l-r: Moon Beam, Sun Beam
Finally, I asked my sister to bring me some Kiko mascaras from Italy.
I donated 1 to the giveaway (you can enter here) and kept the other 2 to try myself:
The first one is a white base coat - I read it is comparable to the Dior one so I have high hopes for it.
I like the wand - it looks flexible and soft.
The other one is a fibre mascara, in fact you can see the filament in the photo below; I haven't tried a fibre mascara yet and I'm very intrigued to see the effect I can achieve. Also, I'm a fan of the 'ball brush' so It looks very promising in my eyes all round.
I shall let you know what I think. :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Introducing / Charles Worthington Salon At Home Secrets Collection

I'm a great fan of hair masks and treatments; I take great pride in trying to keep my hair healthy, giving them particular attention and keeping them as natural as possible.
I must admit, though that I never have time to go to the hairdresser and apart from the 3/4 average haircuts I get in a 12 months period, I never make the time to get pampered otherwise.
So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about this professional quality range, especially formulated for at home results.
The Charles Worthington Salon at Home Collection includes 4 products to target specific concerns and achieve nourished healthy hair or sleek shine and glossiness.
Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment*
This sumptuous treatment is ideal for all hair type that lack shine and I find it especially useful now in Autumn when my hair are particularly battered by the elements and become rather dull.
This serum has a medium thickness which is easy to spread uniformly and is enriched with powdered diamonds; it needs to be applied on dry hair, avoiding the roots and leave on pose for 10 minutes. 
For extra salon-like benefits is recommended to cover with a shower cup or even apply heat with a hairdryer to intensify the penetration of the ingredients. Finally, you follow with normal shampooing and conditioning.
I love that it's so fast acting that can easily be fitted in your regular routine and I've been using it every 5/6 days.
The results are immediate and noticeable: last week, a waitress commented how glossy my hair looked and I was happy to share my secret with her. I bet she's going to buy it! :) 

Intense Rescue Melting Balm*
This treatment is a deep nourishing boost for hair and particularly directed for dry, normal-to-thick hair that suffers from dry and split ends.
It's a blend of 7 exotic oils and butters and is packed with lipids and proteins similar to the ones found naturally in hair. In fact, it looks like a butter and you need to scoop a bit out of the jar and warm it into your palms until it trasforms into oil; this also needs to be used on dry hair and you should allow 20 minutes to fully works its magic.
To go the extra-mile, it can also be left as an overnight treatment and to control frizz, it can be applied to cleansed-dry hair to the ends.
I'm really enjoying it - this is an high duty mask and I have been using it every 2 weeks.
I'm seriously impressed with this line - I love how they leave my hair smelling like I've just been to the salon, the ingredients used are high quality, they are safe for colour-treated hair and paraben free.
The range is an exclusive for Boots and the other two products available are Miracle Repair Elixir Oil and Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer, which I want to try next.

Have you seen these products in store?
Have you tried any yet?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I'm back & Haul

Hello ladies!
Yes, I shall resume normal blogging activity now - apologies for being quiet in the last couple of weeks but starting a new job has been particularly challenging: I've been very busy and just generally pooped at the end of the day... brain-in-pulp syndrome.
Also, I managed to spend time with my sister which was really good.
Now, I'm starting to get used to the pace so I'm sure I'll be able to fit blogging nicely in my new routine. :)
So, today I bring you a haul of different bits and bobs that I've acquired in the last few weeks.

River Island Navy Lurex Scarf
This scarf was love at first sight - It caught my eyes as soon as I walked into the store.
It's navy which is the colour that I gravitate towards every winter but it also got some khaki green that will go nicely with my birthday parka. In the mix, there are also some rose gold lurex filaments which makes it extra special to me... I don't know, I really love it and it's so much prettier in person... bit pricey at £22 but it's going to be my autumn/winter staple, definitely!
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Beauty Bag
Another item that I couldn't leave in the store when I saw it.
I don't really need another washbag but hey, it can always come in handy... of course, my love for owls had a major influence in buying it! ;)
It's quite compact but looks roomy enough and I like the rigid zip frame at the top that keeps it open (easier to rummage through your stuff, especially like in a public toilet for a quick touch-up).
Finally, I also picked up a couple of rings in New Look since they were on offer - buy one get one free.
Gold Multi Agate Stack Rings is a set of 3 stackable rings in gold metal with a pink, gold and black rough agate. I thought these were really pretty and definitely looked more expensive than what they are; I like to wear them all together or split them between the middle and index finger.
I also got the Grey Facet Stone Ring for free which is perfect as a statement ring on the middle digit; the stone is quite transparent and the faceted cuts reflect the light beautifully.

Finally, a reminder that my giveaway is still open - you can enter here!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Birthday Presents

Modalu Pippa Grab Handbag
My mother and sister-in-law surprised me with the Pippa bag... I couldnt believe my eyes!!!
 I've been wanting it for a while - It's gorgeous!
I can't wait to showing it off around town ;)
Warehouse Removable Faux Fur Lined Parka
I've been looking for a parka all summer and of course, I only found one that I like now that it's getting colder and colder!
I like this Warehouse one because it's got a zip that let you take the lining off  - for spring - but I can still use it now - in Autumn -  'cause it's warm enough.
I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it - it's versatile and I like how it looks.

My sister is currently visiting me (reason I've been quiet the past few days - family time) and she brought me some Kiko make up from Italy - she knows me well ;P
 Water Eyeshadow in 202 is a gorgeous taupe with some purple in it and gold shimmer - truly a beautiful shade!
Consistency reminds me of the Mac Extra Dimension eyeshadow... creamy to apply and a pleasure to wear.
Magnetic Nail Lacquer in 703
Never tried magnetic polishes before - really like the effect and it was super easy to use.
Pencil Lip Gloss in 08
Probably my favourite of the lot - love this rose shade, easy to wear and creamy on the lips.
Comete Gioielli Romantica Bracelet
My parents also sent me this birthday present.
I'm totally in love - it's so me! :)
The bracelet is made of cultured pearls and silver; the rose is carved from shell pearl and there's also a tiny pink sapphire charm.
I can't believe the craftsmanship on this piece - it's stunning!

Truly been spoiled! :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mac Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlet Ibis

I got to admit I wasn't overly impressed when I first saw this collection - I really wanted to like it because the packaging is beautiful and wanted to pick up few items.
I mean nice colours both for eyeshadows and blushes but nothing out of the ordinary that I need in my collection so I only ended up getting 1 lipstick.
They put a lot of thoughts in the other packaging too - love the wee kiss inside the lid :)
The actual lipstick is a shiny black bullet with a Marilyn photo and red writing - I think it's spot on and in keeping with the 'theme'.
The shade I chose - Scarlet Ibis - is a re-promote from the Iris Apfel collection which I decide to buy since I regretted not getting it last time.
The colour is an orange red - pulling quite on the orange side on me - with a matte finish.
It's pretty comfortable on the lips and not drying; I already got few compliments wearing it so I'm really glad I bought it now! :)
Interested in this collection? What did you buy?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Face: Ginvera BB Cream (not pictured), Ysl Touche Eclat in no.1, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in medium, Neal's Yard Remedies blush in Peony, Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Brightening Nudes
Eyes: Clinique Brandied Bronze palette (brown shades), Clinique High Impact mascara, Ellis Faas mascara, Clinique Bottom Lashes mascara, Revlon GrowLuscious Lashliner in 002 Espresso;
Lips: Lancome L'Absolu Nu lipstick in 101 (not pictured).

Don't forget to enter the giveaway :)

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