Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Empties / September

ohhhh, I can't believe I manage to produce another empties post so quickly.
 To be fair, I have a box full of half empty tubes that I'm trying to finish off, so I should have some offering every month for a while.

L'Oreal Sculpt Up: I forgot how much I like this body cream. I use it in the mornings as it has an immediate tightening effect and absorb quickly so I can get dressed straight after. 
I love the smell: it's kinda of talc/powdery and brings me back to years ago when I was living in Cardiff and I used to buy it all the time. :)
Repurchase: most definitely - and Boots runs regular promotions including this range that also help!

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom Body Lotion: My mum gave this to me. Strangely enough, I'm not a big fan of the parfume but I love how the lotion smells. It's very light and leave a velvety feeling on the skin.
I would, usually, only wear it sporadically but I have had this bottle for a while now and it was time to come to an end.
Repurchase: maybe - but I have a full list of other stuff I wanna try first!

E45 Cream: nothing particularly exciting about this cream... au contraire.
But this is one of the best creams I have ever used for my feet, knees and shins. It's deeply moisturizing but don't leave any residue. Also, this tub is huge and last for ever and costs nothing!
Of course, I do like to indulge in posh feet creams from time to time but I go back to this one on a daily basis.
Repurchase: sure thing!

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet-Creme: I got this sample in a beauy swap months ago but I put it aside to use during the summer. 
It's kinda of whipped consistency, ergo the sorbet name and melts into the skin; the scent is unusual but I got used to it and grown to like it. Great product!
Repurchase: Absolutely yes! I adore this moisturizing now and I can't wait to get through the my stash so I can buy it!

Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Gel Mask: I've had that for absolute ages, actually... so quite glad to see it go.
It's a gel moisturizing mask, fresh on the skin - I need to use it about once every 2 weeks and it's very similar to L'Occitane Angelica Instant Hydration mask, that I reviewed here.
To be fair, I don't feel like I can recommend it and I have only been using it 'cause I didn't want to waste it.
Repurchase: Definitely not - also, I prefer L'occitane one between the two. 

Biore' Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: yep, another mundane item.
Nose strips... we all know what they are, they are gross but got to do it!
I use one about every 10 days, I find them effective - unfortunately, kind of pricey.
Repurchase: yes

(By the way, so sorry for the grubby old bottles but I can't bring myself to wash them, just for the sake of the picture! sorrry)


  1. Ooo that Loreal body cream looks really good, I really want to try it!

    Love Holly oxo

    1. it lovely and quite cheap too :) xx

  2. I used a nose strip once and it took of the teeny tiny hairs on my nose which I feel have grown back worse (paranoia maybe?) :(

    1. oh no!!! that's horrible... now im conscious and will definitely pay great attention to that!

  3. Great empties! Fancy trying the L'Oreal body cream x

  4. Great Empties, I second Sandra on wanting to try the body cream

    1. hehe - i totally recommend it! I've been using it for years.

  5. I love these posts! You can tell that Caudalie product must be some seriously good stuff by the way you've cut it to use every last drop! xo

    1. hehe, I definitely didn't want to waste any Caudalie, you can tell! :) xx

  6. Great post, love having a nose and seeing what people are using up! :) x


    1. me too - I'm so noisy!! ;P x

    2. I love the E45 Cream! It's fantastic! I would suggest trying the E45 Emollient wash too as it is incredibly moisturising and very gentle to the skin :)

    3. Absolutely, thats for the suggestion :)


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