Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.15

Botanical Essence No.15 is the second fragrance from Liz Earle.
As the name suggests, it is the result of the careful selection of 15 plants and 90% is directly derived from natural ingredients.
I love the packaging - on the box you get the images of the 15 components of this eau de parfum and it opens up to reveal a beautiful satin finish square bottle and the list of all 15 plants.
You definitely don't want to throw away the box that perfectly embraces the bottle and fastens with a wee magnet.
This scent has been carefully crafted by award-winner perfumer - Alienor Massenet - which is particularly skilled in creating essences that have the power to evoke places and surprise your senses.
Alienor describes the collaboration with Liz Earle rewarding and challenging and Botanical Essence No.15 has a olfactory jewel that should be treated as a gem!
I couldn't agree more - this fragrance is elegant and sophisticated. Patchouli and bergamot create an oriental spicy bite, whilst sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla add a dimension of warmth.
It's the ideal perfume for chilly autumn nights with its sensual notes but at the same time, vetiver and cedarwood add a fresh feminine undertone that makes it wearable for daytime too.  
I read people arguing that it's probably more suitable for a more mature clientele but I have to disagree: I'm in my early 30s and I've been enjoying wearing it, the past couple of weeks. I can appreciate the blending skills and commitment that created this unique fragrance and how it evolves on my skin during the day.
Also, my sister is in her 20s and totally fell in love with it! 
Christmas present, me think *hint hint* ;)


  1. Replies
    1. finally something different on the parfume front ;) x

  2. i've not heard of this. thanks for sharing it!

    1. my pleasure, darling! go and have a sniff in store, hope you like it :)


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