Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Versace for H&M

So, finally I managed to buy something from  the H&M Designers Collaborations.
Two years ago, quite naively, I went queuing for Jimmy Choo but invade. 
Santa was very generous tho as he brought me the clutch that I wanted. :)
Then, last year I gave it a go on the website - I wanted the earrings from Lanvin line but I had no luck. 
Again, this year I tried to buy few bits online and surprisingly I managed to get THE 2 items that I wanted. Hurray!!!
Btw, the order took forever to arrive. I thought it went lost in the mail because it was supposed to arrive between 21st and 25th and I just received today. On top of that, the box wasn't even sealed!! What a disgrace.

I, mainly, wanted the ring and I'm glad I got it in gold (I could have chosen the red version but, having seen the enamel flower on the bracelet, I'm happy with my choice). I thought I needed a L but it was sold out so I ordered the M anyway. Good news - it fits perfectly on my index finger!
It's probably more 'bling' then my usual style but I like it.
I like the wee colourful box too. :)

Unfortunately, the bracelet is going back!
I tried it on but as soon as I move my arm 1 flower slides on the left and the other on the right, leaving the gap in the middle... I feel it doesn't sit properly and simply don't like the look of it. I rather have my money back.

Plus, there's another collection coming out in January - I already have my eyes on some nice floral pumps instead. ;)
What do you think, girls? Should I have kept the bracelet?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Burt's Bees On Buyapowa

I just wanted to quickly share this offer:
I got the Burt's Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit for some friends that just had a wee girl last week.
I think it's also a great stocking filler for any new mum. Bargain. :)


Monday, 28 November 2011

Garnier BB Cream

I, finally, received the samples by post. 
It's a great free sample if 'm honest - nicely packaged and you get 3 satchels.
You can get 2 uses out of 1 satchel so pretty much 1 week worth - enough to properly try the product.

Personally, I love it!
I'm loving it as a tinted moisturiser; a BB Cream is supposed to 'do more' and on that I'm not sure if you get all the possible benefits, promised by this type of products but as a tinted moisturiser is perfect. Nice light consistency, easy to apply and literally sinks into my skin. Also, the light shade is a good match for me (it reminds me of No7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser SPF15, which I used a couple of years ago, but it's even a better match colour-wise).
Staying power is also very acceptable and I didn't even have to set it.

It's definitely a good budget buy - have you try it yet?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Zoya - Rina

oh dear - I said no more nail polishes, I have too many!!! 
Then, I saw this one and I couldn't resist.

It's part of the Zoya Gems and Jewels - Holiday 2011 Collection.
The colour is gorgeous - and the glitter is perfect for the festive season: very Xmas tree-esque. :)
It's a bit tricky to apply because of the bar/sticks type of glitter, especially on the tips but it has such beautiful blue reflections.
It's very metallic, in fact it's difficult to photograph - believe it the photo doesn't do it justice.
I'm in love!! <3
I'm also loving Twila - the blue version... ummm... I might... ;)

in the shade

in the light

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Beauty Box Delivery

Boudoir Prive' - November 2011

I'm quite happy with this box really - although I still think it's a no-no to resend the same brands again (even if it's different products).
 Luckly for me, I don't have any duplicates (from GlossyBox I received the Salt from Dead Sea Spa Magik and I didn't received the Rahua shampoo and conditioner from a couple of Glossy Boxes ago).
Also, I couldn't help but notice - on the Boudior Prive' Brands page - that they added Yon-ka but I didn't receive any product from this brand. Anybody got anything from them? I was looking forward to it. :(

But yes, I like it - I will probably use every product. What about you girls? Happy or disappointed?

Friday, 25 November 2011

FOTD - Birthday

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free in Nude
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15 in Real Sand
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC-3
YSL Touche Eclat no.1

Bobbi Brown Sand Tortoiseshell Eye Palette
YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara no. 5 Cherry Black

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not

That's the outfit I wore during the day (shopping)

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Cardi: Primark
Boots: Dorothy Perkins

This is the makeup for the dinner, instead:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 52 Vanilla
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium
Benefit PowderFlage
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in 3 Coral 
Topshop Blush in Butterscotch

Mac Paint Pot in Paintely
Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color in 074
Ellis Faas Mascara in Black
Daniel Sandler Baby Jet Mascara
Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Black Fire

Paul & Joe Lipstick in 073
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Birthday Haul

My birthday was at the beginning of October but I didn't have a chance to post this before.

Let's start with some presents:

Lush Think Pink

The gorgeousness of this is pretty self-explanatory; I'm already half though it... maybe if I finish it before Christmas, Santa will bring some more. *hint* ;)
My favourite is the Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub - it smells great, it has a good 'scrubbing power' but at the same time leave the skin soft and nourished. 
The hatbox will also come really in handy to store lotions & potions.

GC Watch

This watch is beautiful! GC Watches are the luxury brand of Guess and this model, in particular, is part of the Precious Diver Chic series. It has ceramic bracelet, 2 counters with date and day and  mother-of-pearl and diamonds in the dial.

more beauty presents - always welcome!! :)
I didn't make any plan for the day: it was a Saturday and I was off work but the day was so miserable and pissing down so my fiancé and I decided to pop into Silverburn Glasgow (a shopping centre), just to get out of the house basically.
I did a bit of shopping, of course. :)

First, I bought Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum & Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge in Superdrug; I was interested to try the Healthy Mix Foundation but in the summer I found out that the serum was coming out in October so I waited for it. I really like it: light consistency and perfect match for me (no 52). The only time I didn't like it was when I tried to apply it with the Cosmopolitan sponge! I felt I was using far too much make up and in fact it started sliding off my face, soon in the afternoon.
I don't know, I have only used the sponge once but I'm not impressed so far - of course, I'll give it another try maybe with another foundation... any tips on technique and which products work best?

Richard also bought me this dress from Sisley @ Benetton <3

The Sunday night we went to dinner with Richard's mum; we went to my favourite Italian Restaurant in town: Amore.
I'll make a separate post with the makeup of the day and dinner.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

a spot of sisterly love...

Hello lovelies!!!

A quick post to confess that I infected my sister with the blogbug so she has only started one herself.
If you could pay her a visit at Fashionsmetic, she would be very very happy... I think we all understand how hard is to start a blog and how every single follower makes our day, isn't it? :)
Also, she has just poster her review of the italian GlossyBox. 

Bestest sister ever Award anyone??! :P

Thank you and happy reading.

Monday, 21 November 2011

November GlossyBox

This month box has just landed on my doorstep.

nail wraps - AGAIN??!! I received a pair in the August box already.
Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salt - AGAIN??! This product also was sent in the September box already - at least, I didn't receive it 2 months ago.

What did you receive? What are your first reactions?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I got the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler from last week.

The curler is considered the BEST on the market - as you all probably know already - and it was on my wish-list for some time. It retails for £20 and I got it for £14 which is a good saving on his own; also, postage was included and I received it in 2 days. oh yeah, they sent me samples - what could you ask more??! :)
Seriously, I'd never used this website before but there's some great deals going on and I predict I could easily become a regular.
I also noticed that the website repeats the offers so if you are interested in the curler, keep an eye on it!
I'm looking forward to give it a try!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

GlossyBox Style?

Anybody got more info about this, yet? Basically, it's about accessories: you choose your style ( rock, chic...) and they pick stuff for you (shoes, bags, jewellery...). Now, I only came across the German version and with my poor understanding of this language, I'm not sure if you would receive 3 items or 1 pick from a choice of 3. Subscription is €39.90 so not quite as affordable as the cosmetic option; I suppose it's only a question of time before it arrives in UK and I'm kinda of dreading it - I don't think I'll be able to resist. Arghhhh!!!
Actually, I remember reading in Stylist about a similar service some time ago but I can't remember the name of it...

Tempted, girls? :)

Holiday Photos - part 3

Some of my friends drove all the way from Milan and Bologna (we are talking 2 and 4 hours respectively) just to spend half day together. They are the best!!!

dress from Warehouse

dress from Miss Selfridge
I also happened to notice my sister's amazing eyelashes (damn, is it difficult to take a picture of eyelashes?!)
She doesn't even need to curl them - I thought we're supposed to have the same genes - it's not fair!!!

Pupa has been making make up for ever but in the past couple of years, they expanded their range to body treatments and creams: Inner Arm Reshaping Cream, Buttock Enhancer are some of the products i'd like to try. I was given to try the Breast Enhancer which is priced at around £45 - I hope it works.  

Finally, I stocked on some Bioderma and I was submerged with samples - Thank you nice pharmacy lady! :) I'm, especially,  looking forward to try the face creams from Bioderma.

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