Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Holiday Photos - part 2

Teatro Regio - Turin

GlossyBox Italy arrived while I was there - my sister and I were really excited to open it together; she will review it soon on her blog here.

Nicole, my sister, also gave me this Lancome eyeliner (you see, her boyfriend's mum works for a beauty shop similar to Sephora so she gets loads of free stuff - lucky!!!); she was complaining it's too watery but I'll make it work. It's a bright brown colour and I've used it in the first look below.

Sephora shopping
I only bought the MUFE foundation really; I wanted to try this for a while but it's so hard to find in store and I wouldn't buy a foundation online. 
I was matched with number 117 - I have only used it once and it seems quite good but I've not been blown away. Reserve judgement for now. :) 

Amazing samples!! I'm not used anymore to receive so many free stuff and without asking!!

A lucky charm for the office from my mum <3


  1. Awwh the charm at the bottom is so cute!
    Wish I could get loads of samples from just one purchase!


  2. It's really interesting seeing what's in the foreign Glossyboxes! The MUFE foundation looks great x

  3. Loved seeing inside the Italy glossy box :) great holiday buys :) Xx

  4. The Italian Glossy Box looks great, can't wait for your sister's review! I've tried the body cream she got (can't believe she got a full size!). Loving all the products/samples you got x


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