Sunday, 27 November 2011

Zoya - Rina

oh dear - I said no more nail polishes, I have too many!!! 
Then, I saw this one and I couldn't resist.

It's part of the Zoya Gems and Jewels - Holiday 2011 Collection.
The colour is gorgeous - and the glitter is perfect for the festive season: very Xmas tree-esque. :)
It's a bit tricky to apply because of the bar/sticks type of glitter, especially on the tips but it has such beautiful blue reflections.
It's very metallic, in fact it's difficult to photograph - believe it the photo doesn't do it justice.
I'm in love!! <3
I'm also loving Twila - the blue version... ummm... I might... ;)

in the shade

in the light


  1. Oh that green is perfect for xmas! I have a similar one but in red from Barry M that I'm sure I will do a review on very soon! :D

  2. AMAZING glitter colour!!!! Looks so glittery, perfect for the festive season! x

  3. @shopuntilyoudrop Awesome! I need to check Barry M out then. :)

    @Temporary:Secretary I know, a lot of glitter but it looks really good on. :)

  4. Oh wow I love this nail varnish! It really is so Christmassy!

    & thank you very much for your comment, it means a lot, I did get in touch with the girl a few hours after the post, I will be posting an update soon :)

    Jazz xo

  5. Sono molto sospettosa verso i glitterati e invece devo dire che questo sembra proprio carino! un bel colore! non è quello che avevi quando ci siamo parlate però vero?

  6. hello, from usa! very festive for the holidays. love the way it glitters. love your blog-fantastic reviews, and i am your new follower. hope we can stay connected. cheers!
    jasmine :)


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