Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Birthday Haul

My birthday was at the beginning of October but I didn't have a chance to post this before.

Let's start with some presents:

Lush Think Pink

The gorgeousness of this is pretty self-explanatory; I'm already half though it... maybe if I finish it before Christmas, Santa will bring some more. *hint* ;)
My favourite is the Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub - it smells great, it has a good 'scrubbing power' but at the same time leave the skin soft and nourished. 
The hatbox will also come really in handy to store lotions & potions.

GC Watch

This watch is beautiful! GC Watches are the luxury brand of Guess and this model, in particular, is part of the Precious Diver Chic series. It has ceramic bracelet, 2 counters with date and day and  mother-of-pearl and diamonds in the dial.

more beauty presents - always welcome!! :)
I didn't make any plan for the day: it was a Saturday and I was off work but the day was so miserable and pissing down so my fiancé and I decided to pop into Silverburn Glasgow (a shopping centre), just to get out of the house basically.
I did a bit of shopping, of course. :)

First, I bought Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum & Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge in Superdrug; I was interested to try the Healthy Mix Foundation but in the summer I found out that the serum was coming out in October so I waited for it. I really like it: light consistency and perfect match for me (no 52). The only time I didn't like it was when I tried to apply it with the Cosmopolitan sponge! I felt I was using far too much make up and in fact it started sliding off my face, soon in the afternoon.
I don't know, I have only used the sponge once but I'm not impressed so far - of course, I'll give it another try maybe with another foundation... any tips on technique and which products work best?

Richard also bought me this dress from Sisley @ Benetton <3

The Sunday night we went to dinner with Richard's mum; we went to my favourite Italian Restaurant in town: Amore.
I'll make a separate post with the makeup of the day and dinner.


  1. Every time I have a look to a Lush shop I always have to stop myself from buying everything!!!
    How are the prices there?
    Here it's a bit expensive, but they recently started to make smaller box for 5-10 euros: they are affordable, but then I get too much undecided and I don't buy anything!

  2. have you ever tried the lip balm? I'm curious to try one of them but they are a bit expensive to me: 7,50 euros..

  3. The lush box looks amazing - I want x

  4. Love all your presents ;)
    kiss kiss

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog - I noticed that you're a new follower! :) I'm so jealous of your lush box! I want one so badly, i love lush!
    Happy birthday for zonks ago xoxo


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