Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Versace for H&M

So, finally I managed to buy something from  the H&M Designers Collaborations.
Two years ago, quite naively, I went queuing for Jimmy Choo but invade. 
Santa was very generous tho as he brought me the clutch that I wanted. :)
Then, last year I gave it a go on the website - I wanted the earrings from Lanvin line but I had no luck. 
Again, this year I tried to buy few bits online and surprisingly I managed to get THE 2 items that I wanted. Hurray!!!
Btw, the order took forever to arrive. I thought it went lost in the mail because it was supposed to arrive between 21st and 25th and I just received today. On top of that, the box wasn't even sealed!! What a disgrace.

I, mainly, wanted the ring and I'm glad I got it in gold (I could have chosen the red version but, having seen the enamel flower on the bracelet, I'm happy with my choice). I thought I needed a L but it was sold out so I ordered the M anyway. Good news - it fits perfectly on my index finger!
It's probably more 'bling' then my usual style but I like it.
I like the wee colourful box too. :)

Unfortunately, the bracelet is going back!
I tried it on but as soon as I move my arm 1 flower slides on the left and the other on the right, leaving the gap in the middle... I feel it doesn't sit properly and simply don't like the look of it. I rather have my money back.

Plus, there's another collection coming out in January - I already have my eyes on some nice floral pumps instead. ;)
What do you think, girls? Should I have kept the bracelet?


  1. The ring is so pretty!! I really wanted it, but had no luck. I'm keeping the bracelet because I personally really like it. I agree with the problem about the flowers, though. They should have made it stick on instead of movable. Still, a little adjustment and it sat on my arm the whole day today :)

  2. The ring looks gorgeous! The bracelet does too but I can imagine how annoying it must be to have the flowers moveable x

  3. thanks for commenting on my models own page. you have a lovely blog. the ring is so pretty and will look lush this party season. although i love the box just as much xx

  4. yeah, I'm sure the bracelet issue could have been easily sorted but I just wanted something from the collection and I'm happy with the ring. :)

  5. I really like the ring! I wanted some of the jewellery too but I honestly wasn't bothered! I tried to go on the website on the day of the launch but it kept on crashing! I bought a clutch and flats from the jimmy choo collection two years ago and I love them so much! I think that was the best collection yet! x

  6. Probabilmente avessi tenuto il braccialetto ti saresti stufata metterlo visto il problema, hai fatto bene a farlo tornare indietro!

    L'anello molto bello!
    A me piaceva anche l agiacca di pelle (sold out a Torino), il vestito di seta rosso (non presente nel negozio a Torino) e le scarpe (non c'era la mia taglia).

    A Torino hanno messo solo le cose peggiori a mio avviso.


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