Thursday, 17 November 2011

Holiday Photos - part 3

Some of my friends drove all the way from Milan and Bologna (we are talking 2 and 4 hours respectively) just to spend half day together. They are the best!!!

dress from Warehouse

dress from Miss Selfridge
I also happened to notice my sister's amazing eyelashes (damn, is it difficult to take a picture of eyelashes?!)
She doesn't even need to curl them - I thought we're supposed to have the same genes - it's not fair!!!

Pupa has been making make up for ever but in the past couple of years, they expanded their range to body treatments and creams: Inner Arm Reshaping Cream, Buttock Enhancer are some of the products i'd like to try. I was given to try the Breast Enhancer which is priced at around £45 - I hope it works.  

Finally, I stocked on some Bioderma and I was submerged with samples - Thank you nice pharmacy lady! :) I'm, especially,  looking forward to try the face creams from Bioderma.


  1. heard lots of good things about the bioderma cleanser! x

  2. lovely photos! the cakes look delish! And lots of lovely samples! x


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