Tuesday, 8 November 2011

GlossyBox - October 2011

Hello girls!
I'm really late reviewing this box - going away I didn't have the chance to write this before but I managed to try the products; I''l try and be concise. :P 

All considering, I think this was quite a good box - value wise.
This was also the 6th box and to celebrate the 6 months, we also received an extra item plus beauty bag.

Dermalogica Age Smart trio: I wasn't happy to receive 3 items from the same brand, even if Dermalogica! The first is MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque with antioxidant vitamins which help skin recover and regenerate. It left my skin so smooth and I loved it!
The second is MultiVitamin Thermafoliant which is basically a face scrub that warms up when in contact with wet face and draws out impurities. Sorry for the lack of swatch for this item but I have decided to keep it sealed as I would rather swap it for something else.
I'm already using The Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish which works on the same principles and I'm happy with it.
Finally, the 6th bonus item - Renewal Lip Complex which is quite a lovely lip balm; I've used it twice a day as suggested but honestly, I didn't experience any miracle. Plus, it smells nice but I can't stand strong smells (especially in lips products) so It happens to be a disadvantaged in my case.
I would say my L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm is just as good (without the price tag).

The bonus lip balm came into this small beauty bag:

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour & Care in Hanky-Panky: I don't have any orange nail polish so I was happy to receive this one but I'm starting to have too many now!!! It's getting worst than with perfume samples. 
I liked the bottle and the brush; nice colour and good coverage but I felt it took too long to dry (hence the wee smudge!)

I teamed it with YSL La Laque no 127 here - I like the orange and navy together :)

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray: I've never tried anything from Stila ever (I know, shame on me!!) and I was looking forward to find something in a beauty box soon. Unfortunately, I just bought an eyeliner in a similar colour from Becca a few weeks ago so this is also going in the swap box. :( I did tried it though and I can confirm the staying power is impressive.

Btw, I WILL post a look I made with the Becca Line + Illuminate Pencil tomorrow so if you like it and you also received the Stila pencil, you can recreate it. :)

Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums: finally, the usual perfume samples but 3 of them!!! In order, I liked the most: Fracas, Visa and Calypso not so much.


  1. If i saw that colour polish in store I probably wouldn't buy it but actually applied I really like it! x

  2. nice review! i'm not too keen on any of the perfumes really, but i'm looking forward to the next box! x x

  3. I have been really enjoying using the dermalogica products and loved the stila eyeliner x

  4. @Sarah - I know what you mean! me too, I wasn't impressed when I saw the bottle but it's pretty once applied...

    @AlbertineB - I can't wait for the next box too, and the one after... I'm secretly hoping for the Christmas one to be extra special! :)

    @Beauty Balm - I'm loving the mask, nearly finished it already :)

  5. sooo jealous of the colour you got in the Leighton Denny Expert Nails polish looks fab! Xx


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