Sunday, 26 December 2010

Saldi di Santo Stefano

so i was already planned to do my Boxing Day sale shopping online, unfortunately all websites decided to start it on Christmas Eve and when I checked in the afternoon of the 24th many lines were already sold out... ragging!!!!!!!
thats was I had to get up early on the 26th and pop into town and try my luck... it was nearly a quest since trains weren't running and the pavement everywhere was trasformed into ice.
I had mainly only 1 thing in my wishlist and as soon as i got off the bus, i went straight in House Of Fraser - and yappy!!!!! got it!!!! it was definitely worth the early start... :)

Paul Smith Caelia Bag

isn't it a beauty!!!!!! i adore everything about it: colour, studding, shoulder chain with leather pad, 2 compartments and its just the right size.
it was £350 originally so no way i was going to buy it, but got it for half price - quite pleased with that! :)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

It's a wonderful life/part 3

More presents:

Swarovski Mariposa Earrings

Swarovski Mimosa Oval Bracelet
This bracelet is matching with the rings Richard got me for my birthday.

P.s.: I actually got Richard to buy me these after Christmas as I knew they were going to go on sale; I didn't mind wait a week or so - I had other presents to unwrap on Xmas morning anyway. :)

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its a wonderful life/part 2 more presents!!!

Swarovski: Hemisphere Bangle from Richard <3
been nursing that bracelet for a couple of years and it went on sale on Boxing Day so quickly grabbed it (watch my next post for more sales buys)!

Brosway: Romeo & Juliet necklace sent from my family from Italy <3

it's a wonderful life/part 1

Hello everybody!!! Im ashamed of myself, i haven't posted anything in nearly a year... it's been a long and tiring year but i have just started a new job, working from home (YAY!!!!!!)... and now im making a point to update the blog - it will only take a bit of time... don't worry i have kept documenting my shopping trips in the past months, i have plenty of material to share with you :)

now, what better occasion than XMAS to start again??!!

This cardigan is sooo pretty! love the colour and the attention to details: bows & fastening. its from River Island.

these gifts were courtesy of my 'Secret Santa'... hehe... really lucky: like both the tshirt & parfume! :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Riding Boots

This season I was all for riding boots; in the early autumn I saw a pair with I liked in Karen Millen but they were over 200quid - definitely not prepared to spend these kind of money on the high street.
Also, another interesting pair from Dune, but they were also quite expensive and wasn't totally keen on the shape of the tip.
At the end, im quite pleased on my choice:

Wallis' Chocolate Brown Riding Boots

to be fair, i went for the brown ones because the blacks were sold out - but I'll be able to use the brown just as well and the quality of the leather is superior. Love the details on the ankle.

Unfortunately with all the snow which came down in the last weeks I haven't been able to wear them often but they are really comfortable and warm.
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