Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Received my wee delivery from Tatty Devine today; I was going to buy these bits before the holidays but then I decided to be sensible and wait… and it paid off because I found them all on sale (50% off!!!)

Like the tiny touches like the boxes wrapped in the paper and they also included the free pin.

The fan earrings are quite classy in tortoishell – great combination with a pin up/tango dress & red lips.

I intend to wear the cocktail umbrella earrings with the japanese necklace (see tomorrow post).

I like the face on the Pierrot ring, so cute and the size is perfect, quite tiny so comfortable to wear. Also, I missed on a Pierrot brooch from Topshop 2 year ago, and this is a perfect substitute. I can wear it with the H&M’ scarf for a Circus-style look.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Winter is approaching quite fast – dear me :( - and I make the first purchase for the new season (God, that’s ridicouls though – it’s August and the shops are already filled with wool coats and scarfs – bit depressing, really!).

I wanted a purple clochet hat from Accessorize but they were all too big (or I suppose my head is too small)! Anyway, I could barely see because it fitted too low on my head.

This cap is from Ted Baker and pretty pricey (£45 ouch!) and although is classified as blue, it’s an uncertain shade (and the lilac ribbon) and I can easily match it with my purple wardrobe. I wasn’t sure if to buy it or not (for the price, mainly) but the Richard helped me decide, commenting: “well, you keep your stuff quite in good shape” which is true and to corroborate that, today I was carrying my Zippo purple tartan and glitter bag (check post 21/02/09) that I bought in 2001 before going to Dublin and still using it!!!! GO ME!!! :P

Ted Baker' Flax Felt Newsboy Hat

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Look Limited Edition

Liked this blouse at first glance – it’s from the limited collection and can easily be dressed up or down. I like to wear it with the bow neck tie undone but of course you need to wear something underneath because it’s too see-through. I mainly bought it to wear on top of the goddess dress in winter.

New Look' Floral Fan Blouse

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I heart ILFN

I love fashion news – well, I do but it’s also been quite an ordeal. I first spotted them on my favourite blog (AFTERDRK) and ordered mines the same night (I was planning to wear them on my holiday with my other combination of bracelets; also, they were really cheap – couple euros each I LITERALLY SPENT MORE ON POSTAGE since they come from Holland).

Anyway, they never arrived in the following 10 days and weren’t even there to wait for me when I got back. I was disappointed I must confess and prompty emailed them enquiring about my order – I could understand with my perfect dutch (!) that my order was in standby. Couple of days later I got them through the post and I was actually surprised! Why? Because nobody ever replied to me saying they are on the way or something; also because I could see on the website that they now have improved the design (you see, the ones I ordered came in S, M, L whilst the new ones are adjustable) and would have been a nice touch to contact me and ask if I wanted to upgrade my order (also considering that I waited for over 1 month and they hadn’t been sent yet!).

Nevertheless, I really like them and considering to order another one in my fave colour (Snow White)… maybe in a while…

I wanna pair the heart one with Diesel bracelet & star one with Orelia bracelet.

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