Saturday, 21 August 2010

Winter is approaching quite fast – dear me :( - and I make the first purchase for the new season (God, that’s ridicouls though – it’s August and the shops are already filled with wool coats and scarfs – bit depressing, really!).

I wanted a purple clochet hat from Accessorize but they were all too big (or I suppose my head is too small)! Anyway, I could barely see because it fitted too low on my head.

This cap is from Ted Baker and pretty pricey (£45 ouch!) and although is classified as blue, it’s an uncertain shade (and the lilac ribbon) and I can easily match it with my purple wardrobe. I wasn’t sure if to buy it or not (for the price, mainly) but the Richard helped me decide, commenting: “well, you keep your stuff quite in good shape” which is true and to corroborate that, today I was carrying my Zippo purple tartan and glitter bag (check post 21/02/09) that I bought in 2001 before going to Dublin and still using it!!!! GO ME!!! :P

Ted Baker' Flax Felt Newsboy Hat

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