Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WONDERful delivery

received my Converse Wonder Woman edition from ASOS this morning - they are sooooo cool! :) i was looking to buy another pair of converse, probably in blue, jeans, denim - then I saw these and i was sold!
the outside canvas is in powder blue (close enough to a stonewash denim) with white stars stitched on it: love that detailing, the stitching!
the tongue is red of course to complement the blue with Wonder Woman colours;
the inside lining looks like pages from a comic and also got three difference colour of laces.

the best part is that I only paid £35 for them as Richard got me a groupon voucher for £20 discount.

MAC also relised a WWoman collection last month but I didn't get any item: loved the packaging of the compacts but nothing really caught my eye, in terms of shade.

Friday, 18 March 2011

I haven't been shopping in a while - partly because I work from home now so there's less temptation, but also because I've been trying to save money for a very special day next year... hehe :)
anyway, I was out in town this morning to pay some bills (buuuuuuu!!!) and decided to treat myself! :P
Basically, I tried Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Light on my hand a couple of weeks ago but then totally forgot about it; then, yesterday I was clearing the pockets of my coat and found this tissue - which I used to clean my hand - and was really impressed by the shade and sparkle of the product so decided to give it a go...

next stop was Topshop: here I bought some earring & shell necklace (both on sale) and exchanged an item for the long gold colour necklace; I used some vouchers from christmas to pay so technically I didn't spend a penny.

finally in Boots got few bits and bobs - also using my points so no money spent here either... hehe :)

CORAL - nail was all about cora this season so I picked up these from Rimmel; the one on the left is part of the scented collection (fed up on waiting to try the Revlon ones which haven't been relised in the UK yet). Once dry it really smells as apricot, really lovely but the smell didn't last long as the varnish which chipped after a couple of days. really disappointed.
the one on the right - ILOVE! it's called coralicious and it's like a neon red, really bright and fun.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I recently joined the gym so I decided to invest in a new pair of trainers (the ones I got now are at least 10 years old and although they're holding up all right, I think it's time for a change).
So I decided to try the uber-advertised Reebok Easytone which claim to help tone bum and tights thanks to special pads in the soles that simulate walking on sand.
Now, I have just wore them twice but I can't complain on wearability as they fit perfectly and not a blister in sight - about special magic power, I still cant tell but I reckon everything adds up. :)

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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Prologue: found £60 in vouchers in an old wallet last week - BEST EVER!!! - so...

...I was out in town with Richard this afternoon and start using them :P
I grabbed this pretty-oh-so-pretty bag in Topshop - Bow Contrast Strap Bag

J'ADORE colour/texture/details

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