Sunday, 26 December 2010

Saldi di Santo Stefano

so i was already planned to do my Boxing Day sale shopping online, unfortunately all websites decided to start it on Christmas Eve and when I checked in the afternoon of the 24th many lines were already sold out... ragging!!!!!!!
thats was I had to get up early on the 26th and pop into town and try my luck... it was nearly a quest since trains weren't running and the pavement everywhere was trasformed into ice.
I had mainly only 1 thing in my wishlist and as soon as i got off the bus, i went straight in House Of Fraser - and yappy!!!!! got it!!!! it was definitely worth the early start... :)

Paul Smith Caelia Bag

isn't it a beauty!!!!!! i adore everything about it: colour, studding, shoulder chain with leather pad, 2 compartments and its just the right size.
it was £350 originally so no way i was going to buy it, but got it for half price - quite pleased with that! :)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

It's a wonderful life/part 3

More presents:

Swarovski Mariposa Earrings

Swarovski Mimosa Oval Bracelet
This bracelet is matching with the rings Richard got me for my birthday.

P.s.: I actually got Richard to buy me these after Christmas as I knew they were going to go on sale; I didn't mind wait a week or so - I had other presents to unwrap on Xmas morning anyway. :)

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its a wonderful life/part 2 more presents!!!

Swarovski: Hemisphere Bangle from Richard <3
been nursing that bracelet for a couple of years and it went on sale on Boxing Day so quickly grabbed it (watch my next post for more sales buys)!

Brosway: Romeo & Juliet necklace sent from my family from Italy <3

it's a wonderful life/part 1

Hello everybody!!! Im ashamed of myself, i haven't posted anything in nearly a year... it's been a long and tiring year but i have just started a new job, working from home (YAY!!!!!!)... and now im making a point to update the blog - it will only take a bit of time... don't worry i have kept documenting my shopping trips in the past months, i have plenty of material to share with you :)

now, what better occasion than XMAS to start again??!!

This cardigan is sooo pretty! love the colour and the attention to details: bows & fastening. its from River Island.

these gifts were courtesy of my 'Secret Santa'... hehe... really lucky: like both the tshirt & parfume! :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Riding Boots

This season I was all for riding boots; in the early autumn I saw a pair with I liked in Karen Millen but they were over 200quid - definitely not prepared to spend these kind of money on the high street.
Also, another interesting pair from Dune, but they were also quite expensive and wasn't totally keen on the shape of the tip.
At the end, im quite pleased on my choice:

Wallis' Chocolate Brown Riding Boots

to be fair, i went for the brown ones because the blacks were sold out - but I'll be able to use the brown just as well and the quality of the leather is superior. Love the details on the ankle.

Unfortunately with all the snow which came down in the last weeks I haven't been able to wear them often but they are really comfortable and warm.

Monday, 22 November 2010

I went for some Christmas shopping after work tonight and took advantage of a coupon that was in Stylist last week for a free gift in L'Occitane; that way I treated others and myself to some pampering. (Y)

It's quite good - many different products to try and also a toilet bag; looking forward to these as I've never used that brand before but famous for quality of the ingredients.

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Friday, 19 November 2010

I had a £5 voucher earned with points at Debenhams, expiring at the beginning of December so I decided to treat myself to some 'facial pampering' - I was set on a night treatment and my pick has been this serum from Estee Lauder; read really good review, like the consistency... will see how it fairs!

Saturday, 13 November 2010


I was in town this afternoon and popped in House of Fraser to get my TARTAN share from the new limited edition MAC collection. I opted for the eye palette - also, i still had a gift card from my birthday so i paid nil money ;)

the 6 eye shadows - from top left - are:
  • Lady's Prance - matte, white (not really liking this colour, quite chalky);
  • Rolled Gold - lustre, gold (my second favourite, perfect to add a little sparkle to the christmas season);
  • High Spirits - frost, light green (like that colour, haven't used a green eye shadow in decades, been using that in the inner corner with the darker one);
  • Bows & Curtseys - satin, dark green (as above, started using green eye shadows again which complement my green eyes);
  • Set To Dance - matte, blue (not too keen on this one, should have more sparkle in it);
  • Vainglorious - frost, purple (LOVE IT!!! beautiful colour!!!).
Unfortunately, i have to say that application has letting it down a bit, especially the matte colours - also, the brush is not helping.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I also ordered this necklace from ASOS - finally, I have my side-cross necklace! there's many version out there, especially on Etsy, but they're based in the US and postage adds up to quite a bit (especially if you're unlucky to have to pay for custom).

Dogeared' Sterling Silver Whispers Necklace with Sideway Cross


... another ASOS delivery...
I got the bag as the final accessory for my outfit for friends wedding i'm going in a couple of days - The outfit is made of Oasis' red dress (bought in October) & Primark' Red&Silver Heels that I bought a couple of years ago - shoes are inspired from Miu Miu Harlequin collection and the dress has got a 50s/60s feel to it, therefore this boxy bag is the perfect final touch.

Mischa Barton' Valerie Bag

Oasis' Red 60s Bow Shift Dress

Miu Miu: Tea Cup Shoes

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Beauty Buys

I've never tried Nails Inc before - I usually don't spend a huge amount of money on nail polish. My favourite brand is definitely Rimmel and worst I ever tried is No7 (doesn't even last 2 days without chipping plus it takes ages to dry)... anyway, back to Nails Inc, I thought I give it a go since it was for free with Glamour magazine this month.

Colour: Jemyn Street
Pros: last ages!!! really really over a week before it started getting ruined; also, like the taupe/beigy colour.
Cons: the brush is really not good - tiny, soft making difficult to apply in 1 or few strokes.

Also, took advantage of 3x2 make up offers in Boots and got few essentials:

Benefit: The POREfessional - this is aaaaaaamazing!!! the skin feels so soft and flawless once applied, I reckon the tiny bottle won't last long;
Vaseline: with cocoa butter edition - i'm addicted to vaseline lips tins, I've tried them all... hehe;
Max Factor: lip liner in 12-Fire - J'adore red lips!
Rimmel: 3 in 1 Powder Blush in Spring Flower - read a good review about this, but honestly after trying it, it doesn't seem anything special to me.

Monday, 25 October 2010


KAREN MILLEN White Tropical Cuff

i had my eyes on this little piece of jewellery for a while but waited to ge it on sale in HouseOfFraser. Likes the Black version of it too.

This watch is from Marks & Spencer - like the circular, rigid bracelet.

Friday, 1 October 2010

High Street BYE BYE ;)

Title of this post is a bit provocative... hehe - i was in Testo yesterday and found this lovely flats for 6pounds!!! They are sooooo comfortable and also the colour is right on season neutral preference.
P.S.: perfect match to the Benetton bag (see post 18/04/10)

(not to mention tights for a couple of quid... why have I never found out before??!!)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ruby @ New Look

I popped into New Look after work to get a present for a friend' birthday when I saw this bag and I HAD to have it. *blush*
It's from a brand called Ruby that, to be honest, I have never seen around but I reckon is one of these concession of new businesses from London... It was quite pricey (around fifty quid - for a name which I had never heard before) but it looks good; it's got cross-body and shoulder straps, the material is distressed leather, got tiny botton and buckle detailing
It's bang on season which orangy/rush colour and bucket shape. It also comes with dust bag.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Received my wee delivery from Tatty Devine today; I was going to buy these bits before the holidays but then I decided to be sensible and wait… and it paid off because I found them all on sale (50% off!!!)

Like the tiny touches like the boxes wrapped in the paper and they also included the free pin.

The fan earrings are quite classy in tortoishell – great combination with a pin up/tango dress & red lips.

I intend to wear the cocktail umbrella earrings with the japanese necklace (see tomorrow post).

I like the face on the Pierrot ring, so cute and the size is perfect, quite tiny so comfortable to wear. Also, I missed on a Pierrot brooch from Topshop 2 year ago, and this is a perfect substitute. I can wear it with the H&M’ scarf for a Circus-style look.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Winter is approaching quite fast – dear me :( - and I make the first purchase for the new season (God, that’s ridicouls though – it’s August and the shops are already filled with wool coats and scarfs – bit depressing, really!).

I wanted a purple clochet hat from Accessorize but they were all too big (or I suppose my head is too small)! Anyway, I could barely see because it fitted too low on my head.

This cap is from Ted Baker and pretty pricey (£45 ouch!) and although is classified as blue, it’s an uncertain shade (and the lilac ribbon) and I can easily match it with my purple wardrobe. I wasn’t sure if to buy it or not (for the price, mainly) but the Richard helped me decide, commenting: “well, you keep your stuff quite in good shape” which is true and to corroborate that, today I was carrying my Zippo purple tartan and glitter bag (check post 21/02/09) that I bought in 2001 before going to Dublin and still using it!!!! GO ME!!! :P

Ted Baker' Flax Felt Newsboy Hat

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Look Limited Edition

Liked this blouse at first glance – it’s from the limited collection and can easily be dressed up or down. I like to wear it with the bow neck tie undone but of course you need to wear something underneath because it’s too see-through. I mainly bought it to wear on top of the goddess dress in winter.

New Look' Floral Fan Blouse

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I heart ILFN

I love fashion news – well, I do but it’s also been quite an ordeal. I first spotted them on my favourite blog (AFTERDRK) and ordered mines the same night (I was planning to wear them on my holiday with my other combination of bracelets; also, they were really cheap – couple euros each I LITERALLY SPENT MORE ON POSTAGE since they come from Holland).

Anyway, they never arrived in the following 10 days and weren’t even there to wait for me when I got back. I was disappointed I must confess and prompty emailed them enquiring about my order – I could understand with my perfect dutch (!) that my order was in standby. Couple of days later I got them through the post and I was actually surprised! Why? Because nobody ever replied to me saying they are on the way or something; also because I could see on the website that they now have improved the design (you see, the ones I ordered came in S, M, L whilst the new ones are adjustable) and would have been a nice touch to contact me and ask if I wanted to upgrade my order (also considering that I waited for over 1 month and they hadn’t been sent yet!).

Nevertheless, I really like them and considering to order another one in my fave colour (Snow White)… maybe in a while…

I wanna pair the heart one with Diesel bracelet & star one with Orelia bracelet.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

my new baby

Diesel' Fairly Leather Bag in Dark Blue

been drowling on this bag for some time now... saw it in brown in the Diesel shop, around 8 months ago and it was on sale,but it was still £140!
So I waited and waited and been rewarded: got this blue version from ebay at nearly 1/4 of the tag price... totally digging it!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I still had some money left from my Birthday Voucher at Urban Outiffters...

Leather Stud Bracelet

Free People' Floral Tunic

like the ruched in the middle... looks a bit like got a waistcoat on top.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Jimmy Choo Good

more Jimmy Choo... after the disappointing experience of queuing under the rain and not been able to get a single piece... and after Richard bought me the Clutch on ebay for Xmas (YAY!!!), I now also possess... TADAAAAA!!!!!!!!

late Christmas present to myself... I suppose ;)

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