Sunday, 26 December 2010

Saldi di Santo Stefano

so i was already planned to do my Boxing Day sale shopping online, unfortunately all websites decided to start it on Christmas Eve and when I checked in the afternoon of the 24th many lines were already sold out... ragging!!!!!!!
thats was I had to get up early on the 26th and pop into town and try my luck... it was nearly a quest since trains weren't running and the pavement everywhere was trasformed into ice.
I had mainly only 1 thing in my wishlist and as soon as i got off the bus, i went straight in House Of Fraser - and yappy!!!!! got it!!!! it was definitely worth the early start... :)

Paul Smith Caelia Bag

isn't it a beauty!!!!!! i adore everything about it: colour, studding, shoulder chain with leather pad, 2 compartments and its just the right size.
it was £350 originally so no way i was going to buy it, but got it for half price - quite pleased with that! :)

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