Thursday, 10 November 2011

Holiday Packing

After years of travelling, I've FINALLY learnt to travel light; to the point that now, my fiancé luggage is always heavier than mine - I think I've made my point! :P

I usually choose a colour and then coordinate clothes, accessories and make up around it; the colour of choice for my recent autumn trip was purple and that's the stuff I took with me in Italy:

I got the Soap&Glory beauty case for Christmas two years ago and I love it: it's big enough for long bottles but still compact - plus it has got a separate zip compartment which is perfect for the make up and brushes.


What do you think... did I do good? ;)


  1. Such a good idea to pack by colour. I've got to a stage where I pack outfits, usually having some items of clothing/accessories featuring in two outfits. And when I went to Paris recently, the Mr's luggage was WAY heavier than mine! We shared a case and he took up virtually all of it! Btw I am SMITTEN with the cat necklace - where is it from? x

  2. i know - men, right?!! ;)

    The necklace is from the Alice in Wonderland collection by Swarovski when Tim Burton movie came out last year. I think you can still find it on ebay.


  3. Ahh lovely stuff! I can't live without my liz earle!

  4. I really wish I could pack lightly, loving the colour theme.

  5. I use Philip Thomas Roth on holiday, it's very handy for top-ups :) I've decided the next holiday I go on I'm just going to buy a lush solid shampoo cos apparently you can use it on your body too lol!

  6. wish I could pack so lightly! Loving the colour co-ordination x

    ps looking foward to hearing about what you bought!

  7. The colour theme is a fantastic idea, I am useless at packing and will have to bear that in mind! x

  8. Very good! The jewellery case is super cute, I need something like that, I tend to just wear a few bits then rotate them wherever I am, as otherwise I'd just chuck em in my case and they'd end up tangled!x

  9. @Makeup-Meoww : i have just given Liz Earle cleanser a proper go now on holiday; I was definitely well impressed.

    @Caroline's Crafty Adventures : the colour theme is handy but can be tricky... I usually change my mind the day before I leave and then I need to pack everything all over again... hehe :)

    @Emma : oh yeah, i never thought about Lush products; I'm always worried the bottles will open so I put tape on everything but with the solid soap, it's definitely safer. Great idea!

    @Beauty Balm : I didn't buy that much actually - I was shopping around and getting quotes for my wedding and I got quite worried :S
    I supposed that made me sensible... hehe :P but I have few bits and presents. I shall share asap.

    @Evelyn : I don't know, it's quite a simple idea but I find that it makes my life easier :)

  10. Thanks Celia - the case is from Carpisa, I believe they have a couple of stores in Uk, probably London. It's part of a dressing table case and this mini-part can be detached for travel.

  11. you're so organised!

    love the beauty case! going to get one for myself :)

  12. You did really well! I'm planning a trip right now and I've been thinking of what to pack in my makeup bag for days!!! lol! xx

  13. Hi Thanks for your nice comment. ♥
    Canst get the ring you when firlma LR.
    Who do you want me because you kan regestriren and you have a large selection of jewelry, make-up, creams and perfumes!

  14. you did good :) love all the little bits you took with you Xx


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