Monday, 14 November 2011

Holiday Photos - part 1

Good Monday everyone!
I've been back at work for only a week but my holiday seems so long ago already - *sigh*
Here are a few pictures from my recent trip: a mix of makeup looks, presents, shopping, randomness - I will have to split this in a couple of different posts, otherwise 1 post would be too heavy, pictures-wise... also, to help me go through this week. ;)

Hope you enjoy! 

We flew into Pisa and then we had to wait a couple of hours to catch the train to my hometown so we just had a walk about and enjoyed the sun.

some coziness for the winter :)

Few presents - btw, how cool is the necklace?! You have to actually dig out the pearl from the shell; my sis got it for me, she knows me well. <3

a funky 80s looking hairdresser :)


  1. Wow great photos :) Love the pearl necklace Xx

  2. Thank you sweetie. I have a few more coming. :)


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