Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Boudoir Prive' - October Box

This was another disappointing box from Boudoir Prive' for me; I only really liked 1 product, 2 kind of liked and pretty indifferent to the rest.

Les Indispensables

CETUEM Illuminating Mask & Creme de Lite: 
between the 2, I preferred the mask. It has got granules in it - in fact, it says to massage on the skin first and then leave it on for around 15 minutes. It was pleasant and nice smell.
The cream - instead - looked runny, fluid but it felt sticky on my skin; I ended up using it at night. Also, it smelled quite old fashion, if it makes any sense.


KORRES Quince Body Butter:
this is the item I loved from the box - Korres didn't disappoint. It's an intense cream for dry skin (which is not my type) but I have been kinda of indulging and not very strict with my body routine on holiday so I figured to give my skin an intense course of moisture. ;)
Amazing smell and it melts in the skin beautifully.

LEONOR GREYL Huile de Palme: 
I really didn't care for this one; I'm happy with my L'Oreal Mythic Oil which is going to last for ages.
This is a bit different as it's a pre-shampoo treatment to leave in on dry hair from 5mins to overnight.
It solidifies but you just need to pop it into some hot water and it will melt straight away.

MEMO PARIS Moon Safari Les Echappees:
I actually just discovered that the samples were a mix of three different ones - ops.
Anyway, the one I received I HATE IT! Far too strong and it gave me a big headache when I try it (in fact no way I'm going to use it again). Plus, its described as 'The leather side of vetiver' which is more of male fragrance, in my opinion.

ROSE & CO Rose Petal Salve:
Nice. I can't be warmer than that. The thing I like the most is the tin; it's a nice scent but rose wouldn't be my first choice, in general and I have so many lip/elbows/dry skin products already.
Plus, I thought BP was an high end/luxury product box??!!
I'm using it on my cuticles before bed time - no miracles yet. I'm seriously only keeping it for the packaging.

STUDIOMAKEUP Liner Styler Pen Black:
sorry for the lack of in-depth photos but I gave that to my sister; I did manage to swatch it first, tho.
I thought it was a good eyeliner but nothing exciting.
 It leaves a matte finish and I prefer the glossiness of the YSL one.

Finally, we also received a voucher for RMK. Basically, an invitation to Selfridges to discover this brand with complimentary facial and the chance to sample their new Skintuner range.
The coupon initiative? Mah, I'm sceptical: they give you a piece of paper, try to make you believe it's something special but at the end of the day, this types of consultation are pretty ordinary and most department stores run them often and free.
Maybe, I'm harsh but if you REALLY want me to try some of this brand (which i would have loved!!!), just send me some samples. First, Selfridges is not available everywhere an I may not have the time of this appointments AND travel so not everybody can take advantage of this 'extra'.

Allrighty, That's all - sorry for the wee rant :P


  1. I was quite pleased with my box. Do you think you'll continue to subscribe? My favs were the Korres and Leonor Greyl and have managed to sample the rest although I admit I was glad to finish the cetuem face cream as it did have a weird smell! x

  2. Yeah, I'm still subscribed - until Xmas I think. I will have to choose which box to keep for the new year and BP is in last place at the mo. :(

  3. I loved this box because I was happy to use everything in it (bar that annoying perfume sample) but definitely agree on the scent of that moisturiser, I wasn't that keen on it at all, smells like Old Lady! x

  4. Fair play, love the amount of detail you put into your posts! I've never had a boudoir prive box or a glossy box for that matter and i don't think i'd ever bother! xx

  5. i love the ideas of these boxes and reading lots of bloggers' reviews on them! very tempted to sign up myself! thank you for your comment on my blog :) x

  6. @nicole : I'll save it for you. :)

    @evelyn : Old lady. Yes, thats the correct description. Hehe :)

    @grace : yeah, I try to be honest all the time, even if a bit harsh. What would be point otherwise?! :)

    @melita Kiely : I think you should try one. The waiting every month is quite fun and exciting. :)

  7. I actually don't regret cancelling my subscription. It's not that the products don't look great, but I think a lot of these things just don't suit me and really, there's only so many samples I can use. I haven't even finished my previous ones.

    Oh, love the Mythic Oil, too!

  8. Hiya!! Yuk the cream and mask look really runny!
    I absolutely love your honestly, well done for keeping it real xxx

    P.S - Happy 2 b ur new follower :) xxx

  9. Funnily I really like the moisturiser, my skin seems to love it! Sorry to hear you're not really enjoying your boxes! x x


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