Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Saturday Afternoon Shopping

Hello ladies!
I'm reallly reallly trying to be more sensible and save my hard earned money... but you got to treat yourself sometimes too...

Zara T-shirt with Studded Yoke
I felt in love with the colour - oxblood is perfect for autumn!
The top will be great for a casual look with some blue jeans but I can also dress it up with a nice skirt and heels - I think I'm gonna get a lot of use out of it!
The material is very soft and - looking at the label - it says it's knitted linen, apparently.
The hexagonal studs and stars make it pretty cool too.

On a totally different note, I bought some Turmeric capsules in Holland and Barrett.
Last year during my researches online for my wedding, I remember reading about Turmeric face creams - they were recommended as a pre-wedding must have; apparently it's the best kept secret for Asian brides to get beautiful skin for the big day. I didn't manage to find any cream at the time, so I kinda of forgot all about it.
Then recently, I started reading again about Turmeric: being a super herb/spice and great for your digestive and immune system, too!
You can sprinkle it freely on your food but I decided to go with the capsules, purely for practicality and to make sure to get the recommended dosage per day.
I got to say, I'm very impressed!
I've only taken them for few days but the results are already in: my stomach has never been so flat. They are definitely miraculous in that sense and didn't experience any side effect so far.
Anybody tried these? What are your thoughts/experience??


  1. that zara shirt is a beautiful colour. they are killing it with a/w at the mo! x

    1. Totally! their collections are always stunning. x

  2. Love the shirt, it's a gorgeous colour and love the little detail. I've never tried turmeric as a supplement, I'd be worried it would repeat on me! xx

  3. Wow I need to get some of that tumeric! Love the Zara top :) x

    1. I'm very impressed with the turmeric supplement - I'll keep taking it for a while and see how it goes :) x

  4. Ooh! I've never heard of taking Turmeric but it sounds fab! Will have to keep an eye out for some next time i'm in H&B xx

    1. They are fantastic - let me know how you like them, if you try it. :) xx


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