Monday, 1 October 2012

Introducing / Sprout p.2

Sprout Cleanser*
This cleanser is as simple as it gets: organic rosewater, organic vegetable glycerin, organic tea tree oil.
Did you notice the organic list? Yep and because it's also soap-free and alcohol-free, it's not drying... and no parabens, of course!
I've been using it in the morning - I spritz it on a cotton wool pad and wipe all over my face to get rid of the possible make up residue of the night before.
It's ideal for both sensitive skin and problematic, where the tea tree oil comes in handy.
Sprout Toner*
I think the toner could be the most controversial of the lot; it contains raw apple cider vinegar - giving it a strong vinegar smell - which may not be for everybody.
Myself - well I love vinegar and I could easily drink it so the smell doesn't bother me.
I have also learned that you're supposed to pat your face dry, after using a toner, otherwise the atmosphere will pull moisture away from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. Did you know that?
Sprout Exfoliant*
This is the face exfoliant of the line and contains a mix of almonds, oats and sea salt. They are finely milled and comes in a velvety powder.
You need to add few drops of water in the palm of your hands and then work it into the face; it leaves the skin soft and glowing... just be careful to keep the product dry inside the jar.
Sprout Lip Balm*
This wee tube is my favourite, definitely! I love smothering my lips with this indulgent stick. It's very soft and not sticky and leaves my lips super soft and smelling (and tasting) like cocoa.
There are also cinnamon, citrus, peppermint and vegan versions available... I want them all!!!
You can argue that the ingredient list is so minimal that you could try and make these yourself but when I think about beauty, I think about treating myself, pampering myself and I find comfort in knowing that somebody else has gone through the trouble of resourcing the best raw materials and all I need to do is buy and enjoy them!

You can check the bodycare reviews here.
You can buy Sprout on the official website and - for the Uk - is also available on


  1. All of them looks nice... And they are very natural which is important too.

  2. I like the look of this brand, the packaging looks great and the products sound good! x

    1. It's a lovely brand, you should check it out definitely! :) x

  3. These sound lovely especially the lip balm x

  4. Hey dear!
    Nice to hear you´ve been wanting to go to the Oktoberfest as well, I hope your dream will come true one day! The pics of my time down there should be on the blog by tomorrow, just in case you are interested :)

    1. Awesome - cant wait to see the pix. :) xx


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