Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pondering: wedding dress

I was watching 30ROCK last night (s2 ep1) and started thinking about all the business around wedding dresses; I mean it's quite and important and significant dress, I understand, but even the cheapest ones cost a couple of thousands... and you get to wear it ONCE!!!
i dont know, but it really seems quite a waste... and it's not that i'm not romantic (I am, I'm quite a dreamer) but also quite sensible... so here is the solution: i think I'll choose (in due time) a vintage couture piece, which has an economical value on his own (which is bound to increase during the years, locked in the wardrobe) plus the sentimental value, of course.
It's actually an investiment... justifing the shopping trips (to come... always in due time) in Paris to find the perfect one! ;)

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