Monday, 23 February 2009

Pondering: cinema

I realised if I wanna fill this blog in i got to introduce non fashion related posts too... so, the Oscars: I'm so glad Benjamin Button only got two awards; I nearly hated this movie, 156 minutes down in the pooper!
The Curious case... yes, CURIOUS is the key word... and it doesn't deliver! All you want to know is why, oh why he is like that, but the clock explanation (or 'the attempt') is pretty thin.
The movie rumbles on and on on episodes of his life, which are either major or interesting. i really quite dislike this category of films, which I call 'The Chronicles Of Freaks' (like the ever so boring Forrest Gump); i've this strong feeling of incompetent screenwriters not understanding the meaningless of these accidents, which would be actually interesting only if true stories.*
Just last year another feature came out with a similar concept of a person growing young, with Tim Roth... haven't seen it yet, so can't make comparisons.
Slumdog Millionaire, well, 8 oscars... seems exaggerate but not outrageous... i did really enjoyed it. At least, it keeps you interested til the end with all the single 'episodes' within the movie. Bittersweet and ironic troughtout the story but with an happy ending (definitely surprising!)
*not mentioning Cate Blanchett' character... so annoying.

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