Thursday, 2 June 2011

Holiday Haul

Right, I'm just back from Italy; me & my fiancè are getting married there next year so we went over to get things in motion... And we set a date! YAY!!!
Also, I may have found the dress :))) - I went trying stuff with my sis and mum and put a deposit on one (still with the option that if I change my mind again I can, so got time til autumn, deadline to actually order it, to look around)... Plus, having a date to work towards makes such a huge difference... I feel more relaxed.

Now, back to few bits I got there. Actually, I haven't bought anything; I was planning to get some body cream/serum from Collistar which does amazing great products for cellulite but I was welcomed by the news that my sister's new boyfriend mum works in a drugstore and always gives her freebies and samples - LUCKY GIRL, IF YOU ASK ME - and to make a list of what I wanted so I could benefit from her discount at least. To be honest, I love all the products from Collistar so I wasn't too fussed, which paid off as the lovely lady was able to give me these two bottle completely free!!! They are full size and retail for around €35 each.

Finally, I got these lovely presents from my cousin Stefania! We always exchange presents at Christmas and birthdays but beause I live in uk now, we're not that punctual with dates... Hehe... She was sweet enough to drop these off for me. :)

Been wearing the necklace everyday. Adore it! <3

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