Friday, 6 April 2012

Delivery / Feel Unique

FeelUnique run a special discount for Leap Year, at the end of February so I picked up few essentials.
(btw, we are already in April... where did all the time go??!! :S)

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert 4-way Nail Buffer: my current buffing file was falling to pieces (literally) so it was time to get a new one. I haven't used the Cosmopolitan' one before but I'm happy so far: it has 4 sides with different purposes, I'm sure... all I know is that it leaves my nails super shiny and smooth. :)
Also, the square shape is easy to hold and to work with.

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head - Normal: I got this brush for my fiance' :)
I can see him getting intrigued when I'm using my Clarisonic, so that way he can give it a go too; I think, he likes it too because he is using it regularly and it's helping exfoliate between shaves too.
At the touch, the normal brush is very similar to my sensitive' one, to be honest but apparently, this one is also recommended for decollete' e arms.
I'm still using my first brush (since Christmas) but it still looks in good condition and I only use it about 3 times per week.
Do you have a Clarisonic? How often do you use it?

Finally, I bought these Eylure The Collection Individual Lashes: normally, I just buy the normal edition in the cardboard packaging but they've been sold out for ever in my local Boots, so I decided to try these ones. I want them for the wedding anyway, so these should be even better than the ordinary ones; the 'knot' is definitely smaller so should be less visible.
The box is really cute, with all the butterflies, and I can always use it to store wee bits after use. :)
I noticed I never use the long ones, tho - any tips on how to cut them shorter but still looking good??

Do you order from FeelUnique often?


  1. ooh how are you finding your clarisonic? I really want to get a Mia, but I can't make up my mind because I keep hearing such mixed reviews about them! x

    1. I really like it! its all about customise the use to your skin needs - they say to use it even twice a day but I find it too much for myself, for example. But I can definitely see a difference, my skin is soo smooth. Hope this helps! :) x


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