Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another one???

Yes, there is indeed another beauty box on the market; this subscription is a bit different in fact there're 3 options available on Latest in Beauty Website

1) you can choose a monthly box with 3 sachet samples for 1 pound;
2) luxury version has travel size bottles and you can order as many as you want (but only one for type);
3) and the most interesting in my opinion - Themed box, 6 releases per year for £4.95 starting with 2011 Winners Box;

The very innovation is that you can find in advance what it's in the box and decide from there if you wanna order.
Also, you need to fill a profile. In details so you get re commendations based on skin/hair type.

Personally, I haven't ordered any yet but I will definitely keep an eye on this initiative too - the next themed box sounds interesting: party prep! :)

What are you thoughts?

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