Monday, 15 August 2011

There's a new box in town -

After Glossybox started the trend back in May, new subscriptions are coming out like mushrooms in UK.

Boudoir Privè has been delivered to around 9000 beauty junkies just last week (including me! Full review will follow in the next week or so after I have tried all the products. I don't see the point to do a post only listing the products as we all got the same box and I just recommend to check their website).

Anyway, I have just found out that are also starting their own initiative from September. Unfortunately, I was late to jump on this wagon and the first one has sold out so your warned that if you join now you won't get your box until October. Bummer!

I got a feeling this is going to be the best one of the lot, being a retailer with over 400+ quality brands to choose from... So NO bad surprises. :)

What about you readers? Tempted yet??! :P
Go to then!


  1. thanks for the blog comment, didn't know about the feel unique box...have a feeling the market will get very crowded soon but it's nice to have got the first box from BP I think :) xo

  2. I know, I just found out too. I will probably decide after October which subscription to keep, if any. I just like the feeling when I receive the box, the expectation. My fiancè says I transform into Usain Bolt when I hear the postman. Hehe.

    Thanks for visiting. :)


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