Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Diet Chef

23/08/11 - Update here.

Today I'm starting the Diet Chef!
I've lost quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the year - about 2 stones in just under 4 months - in a steady, healthy way, controlling calories and going to the gym. You know, I'm getting married in April next year so I'm trying to get in the best possible shape - call me vain! :)

Anyway, I was starting to get fed up with always eating the same things and that's the main reason I decided to start this program (also, I got it quite cheap, nearly half price, with a  voucher).

So, how is it going to work? They provide breakfast (it could be muesli bar, granola, porridge), lunch (soup or milkshake), snack (salty or sweet options available) and dinner (a complete meal: pasta, curry, stew...); on top of that, you need to add milk for breakfast, 2 fruits as snacks and 1 portion of veg with your mail meal.
It looks promising and I'm excited to start it now!!! :)
I will post an update after my 2 weeks - stay in touch!


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