Monday, 29 August 2011

Introducing / Becca

BECCA Cosmetics is an australian company founded by make up artist Rebecca Morrice Williams; the BECCA look revolves around the Skin Perfecting Make-Up System which aim to achieve a flawless and natural complexion. Their philosophy is  "It's all about skin looking amazing and everything else is secondary" which I totally agree with; a youthful, dewy, luminous skin is everybody's dream, right?

 Now, I do like to use a bit of colour on my eyes and play with different product but with my wedding approaching, I have mainly investigating different brands to try and find the perfect products for the perfect base.
 I totally totally ADORE every product I've tried and I could not rave enough (and that's why I've decided to make a dedicated post) - in absolute, it's the brand I'm mostly excited about in years.

I like the sleek packaging which marry perfectly the natural attitude of the company - but my only complaint is about the packaging: first, the cap of the bottles split after a couple of uses and secondly the colour of the tints is not reported on the actual bottle but only on the box (cunningly, just peel it off and stick it on the bottle).

 These are more like recommendations, being extra fussy, for things you may want to improve. As I said before, the actual products are amazing. Another thumb up goes to the fact that  all products have SPF in it (of course, coming from Australia...)

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

To be simplistic, this is an highlighter but it's so much more! It can be mixed with your foundation to add extra radiance or just dotted on top of the foundation on cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose, cupid bow. The consistency goes a long way, in fact the swatch above would be too much for a single use - the smell is sooo nice too.

Luminous Skin Colour in Cashmere

This works like a tinted moisturiser, it's the last product I bought and I'm so glad I hold off - ok, let me explain: here in Glasgow, I haven't found any retailer (correct me if I'm wrong) so I had to buy the stuff online but this one really need to be matched to your skin. Online you can find charts but in my experience are totally off. Ten days ago I was in Edinburgh and manage to find a salon, stocking BECCA and I was there matched with Cashmere. It is perfect for me! It is honestly the best match - in a base - I have ever had. It totally disappears into my skin.
Now, if I had followed the tips online I would have bought a too dark, too yellow colour for me. So bottom line, WAIT until you can actually try the product.

Fine Pressed Powder in Sesame

This is a setting powder to finish off the skin; the colour Sesame is kinda universal and suits most skin tones (from fair to medium) and it does it's job, nothing too exciting (compared to the other items). They also do a loose powder version.

Eye Tint in Vicuna

This is a waterproof eyeshadow; the colour I got is very light and shimmery but all the options in the range are neutral, toned down colours; for the perfect beach look, use it to prep the eyelid and just add a coat of mascara. 

Beach Tint in Guava

This product I also love - it's a water-resistant stain for cheeks and lips. I'm happy with how the product perform so I'm definitely going to try the other colours too. Only tip: you need to shake it really well before use, otherwise it comes out too watery.

so... have I converted you? Have a browse on the official website.

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