Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Diet Chef - Update

It has been 2 weeks and the results are in! This diet has been a total success for me.
I know I know... you're all interested in the nUmbErs - I lost 6.6 pounds and 3.5 inches all over my body. I'm quite pleased with that especially because I enjoyed the food and I never felt hungry.

For breakfast, I most enjoyed maple syrup & pecan granola or cocoa porridge.
For lunch, you can choose between a soup and milkshake; soup was probably the food that I liked the least so I often opted for chocolate or caffelatte milkshake.
Dinner is a completed cooked meal and my favourites included lasagne, korma, paella - you require to add a side vegetable to this meal.
Finally, snacks like salt & vinegar popcorn, chocolate chip cookies - plus 2 fruits.

The choices are much more vast, this are just examples of my personal tastes - plus, you can customise to better suits your life style (I like to swap lunch with a lighter dinner).
Here is something I don't quite understand: the 'finish' plan, as above, should provide 1200 calories but it doesn't add up. Maybe the explanation is that some food, like milkshakes, are fortified with vitamins and minerals. I repeat: I didn't feel hungry!!
If you want you can increase to 1500 calories adding some carbs at lunch, for example.

What else to add - I'm back on normal diet now but I'm planning on doing diet chef again next month for another couple of weeks... I think it's a great way to give your metabolism a boost and I totally recommend it.

you can check my previous post here.


  1. Good luck with dieting! I've lost 9kg since March and am getting part in 5k run on 11 September! Can't wait to be honest. X


  2. Congrats on your weight loss. You look great!

    Good luck for the 5k - I simply can't run, I have no stamina at all. :(


  3. I've heard about that diet ! Congratulations on your weight loss ! Good luck with the next steps ;) !!

  4. Thank you Dorien! :)
    Lovely blog you got.



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