Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Shopping Haul

I've done most of my Christmas shopping in October, actually. I went back home at the end of October so I decided it was best just to bring all the presents with me. :)
But I still had presents for people here to buy and I took advantage of the Boots Extravaganza night to get few bits and bobs. Sorry, I can't show you what I got them (for obvious reasons) but I also got some stuff for myself. :)

I got the Boots Natural Collection and Champneys 'cause I needed new bath sponges and I'll definitely use the bath and shower stuff too. I'm not too sure about the body creams tho - I, usually, use anti-cellulite or firming formulas so maybe give these scented ones away.
 The ducks are super-cute and they must be like bath bombs, fizzing in the water. I'm saving them... hehe :)
The Sanctuary and Soap & Glory items were in the 3for2 also - I've been meaning to buy a body brush for a while and with the offer I got it for free.
The headphones adaptor is great. I had one years ago but I think I lost it; I've been looking to buy a new one but never got the chance to have a look around to get a replacement. It's perfect when travelling (on planes, trains): especially now with the iPad, my fiance' and I can finally watch movies at the same time.

Every year, we get 1 new baubles for the tree. This is the 2011 edition!

I got these Christmas cards in Bhs for FREE!!! Basically, if you're on O2, you can download an app with special offers and this was one of those. I just picked my cards, got the box scanned at the till and showed my promo code. Simple! ;)
I think they're really nice, no?

These are my favourite Christmas candles: I like the scents - really Xmasy - they are long lasting and they actually release the smell in the house (some candles, they don't actually release the fragrance when burning - *cough, Ikea, cough*). Also, they are cheap: I actually bought these in Tesco and they were doing an offer 'buy 1 get 2 free' YES PLEASE!!!

We all like to indulge a wee bit at Christmas, right? Every year, I can't wait for special edition foodies - This Gregg's Gingerbread and Latte Doughnut was delicious!!! I need to get it again before the end of the season.

...and any occasion is right to show an outfit: here I was wearing my Hunter boots and Hobbs gloves for the first snow of the year. :)

Finally, I got this top in House of Fraser. It's from Coast and it was on sale. I liked the metallic bronze colour and it can easily be dressed-up with a skirt (that I'm planning to do on Christmas day) or down with some jeans.


  1. Love the Coast top - it will be perfect over the festive season. The Sancturary goodies look nice too.

  2. oh wow great items here

  3. great haul, you've got some fab stuff x

  4. Great Haul :) Thank you for following and for the comment.. Now gimme that Donut :D hehe xx

  5. I love all the bits and bobs that Boots have at Christmas. I popped in there to buy some presents and ended up buying stuff for myself lol. x

  6. Love your bits from Boots :D xx

  7. Gingerbread Latte Doughnut = LUSH!

  8. Thanks for your comments on my blog :) I love those gloves, Hobbs do some great things! x


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