Sunday, 11 December 2011

GlossyBox - November Edition

ARBONNE FC5 Cooling Foot Creme
I didn't enjoy using this product, purely for the smell.
The cream is, definitely, very fresh and pleasant on the skin at the end of the day or after the gym but the smell really put me off.
It's true it's made with 'fresh kiwi cell' but I don't know how people can say it smells like kiwis. Honestly, I can only think they never ate the fruit before. To me, It had a really strong and pungent chemical scent (which ok, It only goes on my feet - I can live with that, I thought) but it totally totally intoxicated my bathroom every time I used it. I swear, I could still smell it the morning after AND leaving the bathroom window open all night!!!
Personally, I can positively say I'm not going to purchase it for that reason, which could be an important factor for somebody else, but I'm really smell sensitive and the minor 'upset' could trigger an headache for me.

I'd be curious to see if the hand cream also smells the same - anybody tried both??

DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Dead Sea Bath Salts
I'm a big fan of Dead Sea Spa Magik.
I was using their Algimud Peel-off Body Mask about 3 years ago regularly but unfortunately, my local Debenhams stopped stocking it so I has becoming a bit of a pain to buy it.
I'm glad I'm having the chance to be re-introduced to this brand again and to try other products too - in fact I'm a 'believer' of the dead sea, mud and seaweed benefits.
I'm using these salts to add extra goodness to my bath but apparently, you can also make a concentrate solution for aching hands and feet and re-use it for up to 2 weeks, simply re-heating it.
It's also a generous sample here: I can easily see 4/5 baths coming out of it. 

MONU Skin Perfector
I love love love this cream - I'm so excited even writing about it. I've been using it like a  2-in-1 morning moisturiser/primer, the days I put make up on. I haven't used another primer since I received this one.
I really like everything about it: the smell is a nice soft waking up experience and it feels so light on the skin. I feel it creates a perfect smooth canvas on my face.
I know, a couple of different versions were sent out and I'm desperately trying to get my hands on the Recovery Balm as well - so, pretty please, if you have one that you don't want I'm prepared to give it a good home. :)))

NAIL ROCK Designer Nail Wraps
I'm not excited about these. I haven't even used the toe wraps that I received a couple of boxes ago, yet. I'm curious to try this new trend which is 'nail wrapping' but the pattern, that I received, is really not me - hopefully, I'll manage to swap them for some other one.

SERGE LUTENS L'Eau Serge Lutens & Vitriol d'Oeillet
and finally, the perfume samples, of course!
If I need to pick one, I prefer the white one (L'Eau) but I'm not going to wear neither of them, honestly.
I tried to flog the black to my fiancé - since both fragrances are unisex - but he also didn't like it.
So, there you go - both fragrances failed both sexes!

You heard me complaining about perfume samples before; I, also, find that these wee flacons are not appealing at all - do you remember the Lalique bottle from the beginning? That was a nice object per se (or check the one my sister got in the italian GlossyBox) and I felt an effort was made.

All in all this wasn't a great box but it was good: I discovered Monu - a brand which I never heard about before and that now I want to try every single product!!!
On that principle, I can't complain really because that's what these boxes are all about!

What are your thoughts on these products?


  1. Love bath salts! So relaxing :D Would you mind
    thanks for the comment

  2. Your box is the same as mine but my nail wrap design was red and black, I would never use them so gave them away. Totally agree about the foot cream, really dont get how anyone can describe the smell as kiwi. To me, it was like a really false minty scent. The Monu Face Perfector was the only product that excited me.

  3. great review! I got the hand cream, it was ok but wouldn't buy it. I loved the Freak sample which I got - would definitely buy x

  4. I got my italian Glossy Box in October as a gift and I didn't like it much, and from what I am seeing it's not as wonderful as it was supposed to be ! I am very sensitive with strong smells so I can imagine that feet cream made your nose suffer ! LOL ! I am loving the nail stickers, I am using one from Sephora now and it's also leopard pattern...but of course you have to like it ! Kisses

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  5. Oh, I wanted Freak - I tried it in store and I liked it a lot. Bugger!! :(

  6. thank you for following me and your nice comment! great bolg! have a nice day! x

  7. I love your blog...I'm your follower...

    look my blog and follow me... if you want


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