Thursday, 8 December 2011

FeelUnique - November Box

I love this product! It comes in a paste form that you need to mix up with few drops of water to create a cream and then massage on the face; pretty similar action as the Liz Earle cleanse but I thought the cloth was of better quality. In fact the Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth has 2 side - I use the muslin side to rinse off my face and the smoother side to finish off and the eye area.
It smells really nice, like almond & marzipan and the packaging looks expensive; my only criticism would be that I'm not too keen in sticking my fingers inside the jar day after day, for an hygienic point of view. Nevertheless, I was so impressed with it that this reason wouldn't stop me from buying it.

This product is to add control and volume to your hair.
These types of dusts have become popular in the last couple of years and I already have this powder from Schwarzkopf, which I found really really similar so I will swap the OSIS+ for something else. 
I have barely used the one I got only a couple of times but this was a great item to include, especially since it's a full size.

I was so disappointed to see this self tan inside the box. First, I don't use self tan products and secondly I already received the same identical one in the July GlossyBox. Luckly, I managed to get rid of the previous one easily - I'm sure there's somebody else out there that can make good use out of it.

OMG - WORST ITEM EVER!!! I hated it so much that I'm even regretting trying it out.
I don't usually bother with styling products but I try to give a test run to every item I receive, in the beauty boxes - at least once.
It's a pre-wash treatment so I thought it wasn't going to mess my hair but instead it has been like putting blue glue on my scalp!!! I found it incredibly difficult to rinse and, also after washing a couple of time, it still left my hair sticky and tangled.
Personally, to avoid like the plague!!!

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Noir
Nice product but I received the black version which is something I'd never use. If I do a smokey eye look, I usually go for brown or purple. Sorry for the lack of swatch but I've already exchanged this one as well, so I kept it sealed.
Btw, I was informed by the receiver that noir is not shimmery at all.

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum
the name says it all really: too sweet! I don't like it.

To summerize: I only like 1 item out of the box.
 Still, I'm in two minds about the FeelUnique box: I can appreciate the quality of the brands that I received but they don't seem to cater for my needs, really.
I'm thinking the JolieBox will blow it out of the water...

P.S.: I thought I also spare two words about the customer service. In my October box I received a faulty nail polish and after much emailing back and forth I was told that a replacement was sent on the 18th October ( I received the box on the 8th).
Then, a month goes by and when I receive the november box, still no sign of the other polish. I email them again but I get ignored for several days so I decide to contact them on the Facebook page - to much disappointed I notice they've deleted my message. So, I leave another message and guess what? It also gets deleted.
Anyway - bottom line - they, at least, contacted me by email and issued a new replacement.
I can understand that the first one, apparently, went 'missing' in the post but all that censorship is very very poor. You guys can really take no criticism? And as I consequence they created more fuss than necessary because now I'm ranting for half of this blog post. Not too clever, if you ask me!


  1. Great review! I really liked the box esp the Emma Hardie. I used the goldwell product after shampooing?! rather than before and really like it! I also loved the prada sample x

  2. I think that Feel Unique is great value for money but the products just don't really appeal to me and it really sucks when you only like one item out of everything that they've sent. Definitely excited for the Joliebox though, can't wait to get it! x

  3. nice items, i would like to smell the prada perfume i love sweet perfumes lol

  4. I really loved this box, but like you I didn't really get along with the Goldwell hair treatment, I'm not sure if its because I didnt use it right but like you it made my hair feel really sticky. Strange?! x


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