Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Boudoir Prive' -November and LAST issue

Here goes the LAST BP review. In few days, we should all received the first JolieBox. I'm excited and looking forward to it - it seems really promising.

DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Silky Smooth Body Lotion
I'm a big fan of Dead Sea Spa Magik (have a read here if you're interested in check my history with this brand). I had never tried this product before but It's a lovely cream. They also suggest to use it on damp skin, which I did, and I felt absorbed really quickly, leaving my skin comfortably moisturized. Consistency is pretty light and non-greasy plus it has a lovely scent too.

KORRES Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturiser
This face cream delivers 24h moisturization. The smell, as you may guess, is really nice. I like Korres and the natural philosophy they follow. This cream, in particular, was very lovely to use and sinked in nicely into my skin but it didn't blow me away.

RAHUA New Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner
Amazing!!! and I'm not easily impressed with hair products. I could really see a difference in my hair - definitely in volume and general healthiness. Both shampoo and conditioner were a joy to use, lathering very nicely and easy to rinse. I got 2 uses out of each satchet but at £27/28.50, I'm pretty sure I can't efford to purchase, I'm afraid. :(
I know this items were already send in September GlossyBox but there're not in my box - I'm glad I got a second chance to try them!

We received 2 small pots of this product, which I thought it was nice - also because it should prolong the durability of the second pot (if you keep it sealed, whilst you finish the first).
Personally, I liked this face mask! I read many girls experienced nasty side effects like redness and burning sensation but luckly everything was normal with me. The first time, I left it for the minimum 2 minutes and then increased to 5, for the following applications. I didn't feel anything different when it was on my face but I experienced tingling after I washed it off. I'm thinking, maybe, the trick is to use COLD water (as directed). I did see (and felt) a difference and althought it says you could use it daily, I'm happy using it only once a week. It feels like 'heavy-duty' treatment and I wouldn't want to put my skin under too much stress - if you know what I mean.
It smells quite strongly of liquorice but I'm totally fine with that - I like chewing liquorice roots, so yeah not a problem for me!

STUDIOMAKEUP Rich Hydration Lipstick
I, actually, received the truly red shade but I swapped it for the tender pink. Mainly because I already have too many reds but now I'm in two minds about the pink; It's quite nice swatched on my hand but I'm not sure it really suits my skintone. I reckon I'm put off by the frost but maybe mixed with another pink, I'll manage to use it. What I learnt? Never impulse swap!!! ;)

November-wise: this was my favourite box, out of the three I receive. Which beauty boxes do you get? Which was your favourite?


  1. great items, love the lipstick color

  2. I liked this box, though got a frosty nude lipstick and really wanted the red!!! xx

  3. I got the pink lipstick but I think I would have preferred the red (even though I already own like a million red lipsticks!). It's a really pretty colour, but I agree that the frost finish is a bit off-putting!
    Really looking forward to getting the Joliebox and seeing how it differs.

    Gillian x

  4. I loved the mask and the shampoo/conditioner sachets - but like you I just couldn't justify paying £27/28 for full size bottles! x

  5. I'm really looking forward to JolieBox now!!! :)))

  6. The mask looks like something I want to try!


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