Friday, 16 December 2011

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Treatment

I received this sample from Origins Facebook page.
It lasted for about 6 days but I, honestly, didn't notice any improvement in my eye area.
Has anybody else used it before? Can you recommend it? I wondering if - maybe - in the long run, It works... or can you suggest any other GOOD eye cream for dark circles and fine lines that I could try? I'm a bit desperate to find an effective product!

Thanks for your opinion. :)


  1. try Elemis Absolute Eye Serum I always come back to this one x

  2. i have been wanting to try this line

  3. I've read some great reviews of this but also some so-so ones. Have been on the hunt for a decent eye cream forever but no luck yet! I love my Clinique All About Eyes for hydrating the eye area but I don't think it does anything for my fine lines x

  4. I'm a bit desperate to find the perfect eye cream as well! I bought the origins ginzing and it hurts my eyes for some reason :(

  5. @beauty balm : Ill definitely try that serum then. I trust Elemis anyway.

    @evelyn : Clinique all about eyes is also ow of my fave, but I don't see a difference in lines. Good moisturiser tho.

    @blog-a-beaute : I'm trying origins youthopia at the moment. Fingers crossed, it'll make a difference. :)

  6. I am actually using this product right now. I love it for the sheer fact that it moisturizes very well and is not irritating. It does a decent job on combating fine lines...but then again, I'm still pretty young and don't have many yet. I don't think it's a miracle worker but it is a really good cream.

  7. i've used it for about a week now. Fantastic results: brighter, more supple, minimized lines!


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